Copper is a CRM software solution that helps businesses handle their prospects with complete insights into all their engagements and activities. Copper’s strong platform also offers real-time collaboration and sales automation services, enhancing productivity and pipeline management. This platform supports integration with google software apps like Gmail.




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Copper CRM is a software program that helps you to manage your business. Built specifically with G-Suite to help you easily market and manage your business, this is the way to go. Better yet, Copper CRM is great for all types of businesses, large and small.

In our Copper review, we will take a look at all the main features this software offers. To do that, we look at the Copper features and how they can help you to build a better relationship with your clients by helping you interact without having to put in much effort. We also look at the different Copper pricing options to see if it’s for you.

To learn more about this software, read our Copper review, have Copper explained to you and find out about the Copper features that push this software’s score so high.

Pros and Cons

+ Simple to use — a simple interface that’s UI friendly and great for any level user

+ Google optimization and integration — perfect for use in the Google workspace, it requires no additional learning curve

+ Good security — uses first-class backup management and resilient data systems

– Poor reporting — needs a little more work and is getting better with recent updates

-Lacks flexibility — outside the Google workspace, it is poorly designed to work with other businesses on other host services

Copper CRM Usability

To kick off our Copper review, we instantly recommend using this CRM software as the Copper features allow for easy and simple use. Better yet, it integrates well with Google, making it suitable for use by small and middle-sized businesses. Furthermore, our Copper review found that it has nice visual features and a great user interface. This means that moving accounts through the grid is also very simple. It has integration with Google calendar, which saves a lot of time.

It is supported on mobile (on both Android and iOS operating systems) as well as on both Mac and Windows desktops. To conclude our Copper review for usability, it provides the basic elements of a CRM with the ease of using a typical Google application.


For Google-heavy businesses, the Copper features are an excellent option to have. Not only are they useful, but they’re easy to integrate too. Here are some of the standout features of Copper explained for you:

  • Integration. One of the prominent Copper features, this integrates with Google Calendar and sets up reminders automatically.
  • Automation. With features from Copper explained, it becomes easy to see why automation is important. Through Copper, workflow and task automation are improved.
  • Lead management. Its dashboard makes it easy to build custom pipelines. Leads can be manually added as well as imported from Excel.
  • Quick Onboarding. When you have the features of Copper explained, you can see that it takes only days to get the system set up in an easy manner, complete with tutorials.

Support Quality

Our Copper review tested out the different support options available from Copper CRM. Helpfully, Copper CRM offers support through FAQs, email, help desk, live chat, and 24/7 phone support. Furthermore, it offers a wide knowledge base, enabling you to get Copper explained to you if you need it.

This Copper review discovered its training is great. It is delivered through live online webinars, videos, documentation, besides offering in-person training. As such, we rate the Copper CRM support highly.

Copper Pricing — How much does it cost?

Copper pricing comes in three plans and is relatively budget-friendly. Depending on the Copper pricing plan you choose, you get a range of different features. There’s a 14-day free trial for you to test out, but then you will need to pay.

Each plan is paid per month and includes a growing number of users — the higher the plan, the more users you can add. Additionally, you get greater amounts of storage, starting a 2GB for Basic and going to 500GB for Business. The last part of Copper explained features is that you can include a greater number of records and better API and onboarding integration with the higher-level Copper pricing plans.

Free trialYes
BasicStarting at $25 per month
ProfessionalStarting at $49 per month
BusinessStarting at $119 per month


We have tried our best to have Copper explained comprehensively. Our Copper review suggests that the range of Copper features available are perfect to meet your requirements of security and integration.

Additionally, the Copper pricing plans are affordable, though the higher the Copper pricing plan you choose, the more features you get. It seamlessly integrates with the G-suite, having a similar design and making it easy to enjoy a similar interface. In short, it’s perfect for managing sales data and accessing information via a web browser.

Better yet, the use of the Gmail extension and similar features means that it is simple and streamlined. It’s not possible to directly create leads, but it is compatible with Google forms and similar tools, which can be used instead.

Try out Copper Now!

From quick onboarding to easy integration, this is the CRM tool necessary for businesses that are Google-heavy. Check out Copper CRM today.



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