Chili Piper

Chili Piper

Chili Piper is a sales engagement platform that helps businesses of all sizes improve their sales processes by streamlining scheduling, automating workflows, and providing real-time analytics. With features like intelligent routing, calendar sync, and lead distribution, Chili Piper enables sales teams to close deals faster.




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Chili Piper Facts

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Chili Piper Overview

Chili Piper is a cutting-edge routing and scheduling software designed for the B2B revenue sector. Simply put, the advanced and automated tools help revenue teams to connect with customers quickly and easily and generate more revenue.

Read the entire Chili Piper review to know more about its features, usability, customer support, pricing, and pros and cons.

Pros and Cons

The list of pros is:

  • Seamless integration: Chili Piper can easily integrate with other tools or software products that you are already using. This might be Gmail, Salesforce or some other application.
  • Good Customer support: Customer support is a team of responsive professionals who can be contacted via mail or phone call.
  • Connect easily: Chili Piper allows easy communication between the clients and internal stakeholders through calendar collaboration.

The list of cons are:

  • Inability to set meetings during intervals: You cannot set a new meeting before 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Technical issues: Few minor technical issues may arise as it is fairly new software. While almost every Chili Piper review has mentioned this issue, they have also commented on how the system becomes more efficient with every passing day.


This software has a modern interface that is typical in a SaaS marketing product.

It is extremely easy to use. You can schedule meetings with just two clicks. In fact, the respective Sales rep can be on call with the potential customer within 10 to 12 seconds. Coming to the setup process, you need to install Chili Piper first. After this, you need to simply copy and paste a JavaScript snippet. Chili Piper is UI/UX friendly as well. Almost every customer gave a positive Chili Piper review in terms of its usability.


Some of the prominent Chili Piper features include:

Integration: The software seamlessly integrates with other tools and software products that you might have already been using. This includes CRM, Calendar, Email, API and Connectors, Video Conferencing, and many more. Besides this, you can also import events from a different calendar or an existing account. People have mostly emphasized this feature in their Chili Piper review.

Collaboration: Users can easily collaborate through tools such as Chili Piper Inbox and Calendar. They can subscribe and use multiple calendars simultaneously. The Inbox tool helps the revenue teams to bag deals, work together, and communicate easily and quickly. Some of its features include direct mention and comments in Gmail and open access to account email histories.

Customization: Chili Piper allows the admins to customize the CSS for booking links. Thus, you can alter it to match your brand. For instance, you can change the color of the background and buttons on the Calendar Screen. Besides this, you can also alter the style and color of the form screen, confirmation screen, and many more.

Support Quality

Chili Piper Support Quality is one of the main highlights in every Chili Piper review. The platform has a detailed section explaining each of the following sectors: Setup, Scheduling, Concierge, Lead routing software, and managing events, users, workspaces, and integrations. Email and call support is available. However, there is no live chat option. Despite this, they have a good response rate. Almost every Chili piper review testifies in favor of the software’s customer support.

Chili Piper Pricing – What Does It Cost?

The Chili Piper pricing can be divided into two categories – Instant Booking and Concierge products.

Instant Booking helps the teams book meetings with prospective clients. There are two plans available- Spicy and Hot. It costs $15 and $25 per month respectively. The latter is costlier due to added advantages. This includes Robin-round routing, lead distribution reporting, automated route and scheduling meetings on behalf of other team members, and many more.

The concierge products allow instant scheduling from web forms. The user has to pay both license and platform fees. There are three plans- Spicy, Hot and Inferno. They cost $225, $600 and $1500 per month. This excludes the $45 User license fee. Please note that the Spicy plan does not include live phone and video call routing. Moreover, the Chili Piper pricing will reduce if you opt for the annual plan. The license fee reduces to $30 and the Spicy, Hot and Inferno plans cost $150, $400, and $1000 per month, respectively. Almost every Chili Piper review has stated how affordable the pricing options are.


Thus, we can conclude that Chili Piper is one of the best routing and scheduling software presently. Every Chili Piper review highlights its unparalleled usability, unique features, and affordable pricing. The tools help to streamline and automate the entire sales process. This saves time and increases productivity. Besides this, it also focuses on team collaboration and offers good customer support. The support team can be contacted via mail or call and their response rate is very quick. Every Chili Piper review is mostly positive, and it has already garnered a rating above 4 in such a short time.

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Chili Piper is one of the most advanced SaaS business solutions that help schedule meetings between the customer and revenue teams and boosts the engagement process.



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