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CalendarSpots is an all-in-one scheduling software that simplifies appointment booking and management. With customizable forms, automated reminders, and real-time availability updates, CalendarSpots makes scheduling effortless and efficient.

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review new │CalendarSpots Overview

Modern times require modern solutions. Calendar marking and scheduling have been around since calendars and schedules have been around, but never have they been more accessible and easy to manage than with CalendarSpots! 

CalendarSpots is a contemporary appointment scheduling software, that allows multiple users, small businesses, as well as personal users, to quickly and effectively book appointments, keep track of past schedules, make online bookings, and do online payments, making it the best available software of its kind!

From pros and cons to pricing plans, features, and suitable alternatives, read this CalendarSpots review to get the inside scoop!

CalendarSpots – Best for small to midsize businesses

The software is known for its multiple uses and applications across various industries.

pros and cons new │Pros and Cons of CalendarSpots

Like all other types of online programs, CalendarSpots, too, has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages that should be considered before you opt for the software. Some of the highlights include ease of use, practicality, wide availability, and multiple available price points.

On the other hand, some users may be bothered by the lack of support for certain devices, its rather expensive lowest payment tier, as well as its overall somewhat superfluous nature as software.


  • Practical and easy to use
  • Intuitive 
  • Cloud-based and compatible
  • Various pricing plans

tick new Practicality and Easy of Use

When speaking of appointment scheduling and all activities related to it, CalendarSpots is a dream come true. With it, you’ll never forget to book an important meeting or task. Users can count on CalendarSpots to help them practically organize their time and communicate important information to potential coworkers, employees, or partner companies. Its easy-to-navigate features make it easier to use for both newbies and experienced users. 

tick new Intuitiveness

The fact that CalendarSpots aims to simplify any type of task makes it incredibly intuitive. Plus, anyone can adapt to its main features and tools quickly, and integrate the software without a hassle. For companies dealing with numerous employees and multiple managing aspects, CalendarSpots offers an intuitive booking calendar that makes appointment scheduling a breeze. 

tick new Available on a Cloud

CalendarSpots is a cloud-based service, meaning that it can very easily be used on both your mobile device and your desktop computer. The fact that it’s email compatible allows you to easily and swiftly schedule important events wherever you are. You can do the same via SMS, voice message, or directly on the app. Yes, there’s a mobile app, too.

tick new Multiple Subscription Plans

In addition to offering a 30-day free trial, CalendarSpots offers 4 different plan options, all with increasingly advanced features and tailored to suit the needs and budgets of different types of customers. All plans feature different tools users can put to practice, depending on what their business needs. .


  • Doesn’t support all devices
  • Similar subscriptions plans at different prices
  • Not fit for any type of business

cons new No Support for Some Devices

Even though CalendarSpots has a mobile app, in addition to being a desktop cloud software, it’s not available for usage on Mac and iOS. This means that Apple device users will be deprived of its advantages altogether. Considering how many people around the world use Apple products, this is quite a stain on CalendarSpots’ otherwise solid reputation.

cons new Relatively Small Difference Between Price Points

Even though CalendarSpots comes available with four plans to choose from – even the lowest can be quite pricey for some. All four plans the platform offers are also quite close in price and feature the same tools except for one or two distinctions. 

cons new Not Everyone Would Need It

This is a rather subjective point, but it still stands. CalendarSpots is primarily an appointment scheduling cloud software. It can be very useful, but it’s not an essential and integral part of any business. And, some businesses already have scheduling software integrated into other programs or operating systems they use, meaning the software can be a redundant addition. 

CalendarSpots AdvantagesCalendarSpots Disadvantages
plus new Practicalityminus new Lack of support for Apple devices
plus new Intuitiveness and ease of useminus new Relatively expensive plans, with similar features
plus new Wide availability on many devicesminus new Not an essential requirement for most businesses
plus new Four pricing plans + free trial 

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With 4 plans available and key features to use, set your business goals and let CalendarSpots give it the scheduling makeover it deserves! 

what new │What is CalendarSpots?

CalendarSpots is cloud software that specializes in booking appointments, scheduling events for classes and workshops, and communicating newly scheduled meetings to other participants in real time.

All business booking is done online and instantaneously, and regular reminders are sent out to participating parties, through email or SMS. Flexibility is a priority, as CalendarSpots surveys the schedule of each customer and carefully avoids overlapping events in a customer’s timetable. 

Both private individuals and businesses alike can make the best use of CalendarSpots, which, depending on the tier and price point, can be best for a single user in one location, 3 users in three rooms and one location; or 9 users in nine rooms and one location; or 15 users in fifteen rooms, at five locations.

how new │The Way CalendarSpots Functions

CalendarSpots functions as a cloud service, connecting clients through the customer portal with staff, owners, and receptionists. Regular customers are allowed to easily and quickly book appointments 24/7, which are swiftly communicated to the relevant service.

Staff and owners can oversee the functioning of the entire team on the go and appropriately respond to any schedule changes. At the same time, receptionists are given constant reminders to help them promptly go from one task to another. 

In order to use CalendarSpots, you need to create a personalized account, where you can set all necessary schedules, appointments, rooms, and services. You can do this by instantly connecting all relevant information to your employees or collaborators. You can integrate such features as minimum notice, and connect your profile with social media.

The platform also allows you to schedule and modify appointments on the go, as the need arises, and through any service (email or SMS). You can safely review the daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly schedules thanks to the CalendarSpots planner. Other tasks it can accomplish include browsing through scheduling history, and ordering instant reports and dashboard reviews of the entire scheduling profile of your company. 

Finally, you can rest assured that everything done through the platform is end-to-end encrypted and protected alongside your business’s privacy. Plus, the customer support team the platform offers is available 24/7 for all users. 

Did You Know? 
point new CalendarSpots was founded on October 1, 2009, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, where its office still sits to this day! 

feature new │Main Features of the CalendarSpots Management Software

Even though there are a large number of sub-features incorporated within the overall functioning of CalendarSpots, we can group all of these into five main features: 

  • Scheduling management
  • Appointment management
  • Business management
  • Staff management
  • Client management

point new Scheduling Management

Scheduling management encompasses a variety of sub-features, among which are: 

  • Managing schedules remotely, and managing the schedule for various business locations through the same account.
  • Setting regular, irregular, as well as upcoming schedules, allowing users to modify the exact date when the schedule will start, which members an event will include, etc.
  • Managing rooms to ensure that a booked room is always available and to learn which rooms will be available at which times in order to organize a schedule without overlaps.

point new Appointment Management

Appointment management offers the following: 

  • Online booking and rebooking of appointments for days, weeks, months, or even years in advance.
  • Regular sending of appointment reminders and confirmations to all task participants. 
  • Tracking paid appointments and offering an easy online transaction service for the payment of expenses.
  • Easy and quick search option for particular appointments.
  • Visual configuration of calendars: font size and shape, color, etc.

point new Business Management

With the business management feature, businesses can specifically benefit from the following sub-features:

  • Appointment back-ups that allow users to save important information.
  • Easily available reports and data regarding appointments and members, available to print as a PDF. 
  • Generation of dashboards and reports delineating the business progress.

point new Staff Management

The staff management aspect boasts the following features:

  • Creates staff profiles, containing information that would be relevant to clients.
  • Sends regular staff notifications regarding upcoming appointments, via email or SMS.
  • Integrates staff CalendarSpots profiles with their personal calendars and schedules.
  • Offers security and safety for the company staff. 

point new Client Management

When it comes to client relationships and management, CalendarSpots allows users to make the best of the following features:

  • Categorizing clients into groups and subgroups according to their relationship, common interests, etc.
  • Retaining all information about each client, such as history, purchases, and usage, in a client database profile.
  • Newsletter distribution to clients potentially interested in upcoming CalendarSpots promotions.

Why Are CalendarSpots Important?

Key Features of the CalendarSpots Software
tick Creation and Maintenance of SchedulesCalendarSpots allows you to easily create, track, and modify remotely multiple schedules.
tick Management of AppointmentsYou can easily notify all concerned members regarding an appointment, as well as be flexible regarding time slots and available rooms. Integrated flexibility.
tick Business Advantages Many businesses can oversee and track the progress of their company, while also gaining more information about their clients through CalendarSpots.
tick Communication with Staff The staff gets instantly notified and reminded of important events or appointments, and communication between them is ensured all around.
tick Devotion to ClientsInformation about clients is gathered and organized in groups according to different criteria, allowing businesses to track their customer base and its patterns.

who new │Who Should Use CalendarSpots?

It is important to point out that there is no strict rule outlining which individuals or companies are meant to use CalendarSpots, and which are not going to benefit from it. As a rule of thumb, if your business needs it, everyone can give this software a try and see if it fits the business goals. The platform’s website advertises the software as the Jack of all Trades. It can therefore be best for medical centers, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, large, and small businesses, and individuals with hefty schedules to manage.

When considering its strongest suits, CalendarSpots is primarily intended for the following groups. 

point new Startups

There are a number of responsibilities that the owner and co-owners will need to take care of at the beginning of their business. Startups can witness superb support from CalendarSpots in terms of dividing assignments, doing the right estimations, and scheduling everything on time.

CalendarSpots can also help startup owners to easily organize their business and daily responsibilities and cover multiple obligations without overlaps, mistakes, or skipping a task. .

point new Small and Medium Enterprises

As a business starts to grow – whether it is big or small – the conditions for maintaining it change as well. And even though more employees are at hand, the activity and the responsibilities of the business have grown as well, making it even more difficult to keep track of upcoming meetings, potential partnerships, job interviews, team building exercises, and various other business activities.

CalendarSpots’ comprehensive nature can take the load off of the shoulders of the employees of an SME by simply notifying everyone in time about all appointments, and even providing dashboards reporting the progress of the business.

point new Agencies

In this respect, the situation with agencies is similar. Although they tend to particularly focus on a handful of tasks or operations, they will grow their customer base eventually. When that happens, they may find it difficult to keep track of all employees, customers, and other staff types. Scheduling software like CalendarSpots can immensely help them get their responsibilities in order.

point new CalendarSpots: Target Audience

point new Startups CalendarSpots can help owners successfully manage their time at the beginning of a business.
point new Small or medium business With an increasing number of employees and customers comes an increasing number of obligations that CalendarSpots can allow people to keep track of.
point new AgenciesPerforming a particular task is much easier, regardless of customer base size, if a software planner tool functions to remind everyone of their responsibilities and keep everything on track.

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Take the Load off Your Shoulders with CalendarSpots!

Oil up your budding business with CalendarSpots’ scheduling software! Employee management or project monitoring and scheduling – explore this all-applicable software today!  

cost and time new │CalendarSpots: Cost and Time Management

Suitable as it may be for upcoming and new companies, CalendarSpots doesn’t quite come for free. The cheapest option comes at $15 per month, It offers unlimited appointments, email reminders, and SMS reminders, among other things. But, it is only restricted to a single user and a single location for the business, with no rooms available.

There are three other options to consider, costlier than the initial $15 plan, and available for $30, $45, and $60 a month. 

As for the time, it will take you to adopt CalendarSpots into your business, good news – the process is a breeze. Calendar Spots is relatively easy to get used to, and with the exception of one or two features, you’ll be able to use it regularly in a matter of hours.

usability new │Is CalendarSpots User-Friendly?

This brings us to the next aspect of the discussion, user-friendliness. CalendarSpots is incredibly user-friendly. It’s true that its many features can seem overwhelming to users who’re not looking for too much from this app, but overall, the basics are incredibly easy to master.

For this reason, CalendarSpots succeeds in hitting all the right spots. It helps users create their own profiles and immediately set up schedules, while also allowing them to modify particular appointments too. It is very flexible, in that it allows changes to be made on the move, while instantly notifying all other concerned parties.

pricing new │CalendarSpots: Pricing Details

Aside from the 30-day free trial period, CalendarSpots comes available at four different price points, corresponding to four CalendarSpots “tiers”: Solo, Novice, Plus, and Pro.

point new CalendarSpots Solo – $15 per month

The cheapest option, Solo, is priced at $15 per month and comes with unlimited appointments, available email and phone support, unlimited email notifications, and unlimited email and SMS reminders. This option is only available to a single employee and at a single location.

point new CalendarSpots Novice – $30 per month

The second option, Novice, is priced at $30 per month and comes with unlimited appointments, available email and phone support, unlimited email notifications, and unlimited email and SMS reminders. This option is available to three employees, allowing access to three rooms, at a single location.

point new CalendarSpots Plus – $45 per month

The third option, Plus, is priced at $45 per month and comes with unlimited appointments, available email and phone support, unlimited email notifications, and unlimited email and SMS reminders. This option is available to nine employees in nine rooms, all from a single location.

point new CalendarSpots Pro – $60 per month

The final and most premium option, Pro, is priced at $60 per month and comes with unlimited appointments, available e-mail and telephone support, unlimited e-mail notifications, and unlimited e-mail and SMS reminders. This option is available to fifteen employees, allowing access to fifteen rooms, and at five locations.

CalendarSpots Key Pricing Plans

Pricing Plan NamePrice Per MonthFeatures
point new Solo$151 user1 room1 location unlimited appointments limited e-mail and SMS remindersUnlimited e-mail and telephone support unlimited e-mail notifications
point new Novice$303 users3 rooms1 location unlimited appointments limited e-mail and SMS remindersUnlimited e-mail and telephone support unlimited e-mail notifications
point new Plus$459 users9 rooms1 location unlimited appointments limited e-mail and SMS remindersUnlimited e-mail and telephone support unlimited e-mail notifications
point new Pro$6015 users15 rooms5 locations unlimited appointments limited e-mail and SMS remindersUnlimited e-mail and telephone support unlimited e-mail notifications

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CalendarSpots Takes Your Business Next-Level! 

Let CalendarSpots boost your small to medium-sized business and take charge! Sign up for a 30-day free trial and explore the best subscription plans on deck!

tools new │Most Notable CalendarSpots Tools

With software like CalendarSpots, the tools at hand are not just versatile but also multi-purposeful and handy. Some of the leading tools the software has at its disposal include:

  • Appointment scheduling and management
  • Online client management
  • Calendar management, syncing, and customization
  • Staff scheduling and privileges
  • Report generation

point new Appointment Management

This basic tool allows you to open your calendar and, by simply blocking a set time in your schedule, create a booking. You can add the name of the client, their basic information, as well as all additional notes, room information, and similar notions of relevance. You can color-code different appointments in order to separate them from one another and make it easier for your team to follow.

point new Online Client Management

An online client database is instantly generated, as soon as you start using CalendarSpots.
This database retains all relevant information about each of your clients and organizes it in such a way that it is ready at hand whenever you may need it. This includes such data as the client’s name, contact details, and even relevant business-related information.

point new Calendar Tools

Calendars are organized in daily planners, weekly planners, and monthly planners, and are available for all employees to see. You can easily order appointments around your calendar and create specific regular or irregular schedules, depending on your requirements. Use different colors and fonts to designate separate clients, meetings, or activities and sort out the priorities of your business.

Online calendar booking comes available in two forms: as Staff Day Planner, and as Room Day Planner. The former is more suitable if you prefer to plan appointments according to which particular staff members you want to be present. The latter is more suitable if you’re prioritizing a particular room and are trying to see which employees will be available at that time.

point new Staff Scheduling and Privileges

You can easily create staff schedules that will immediately become available to them, regardless of where they are. Appointments can be booked in the form of regular or irregular schedules, open to final moment adjustments that will also immediately send notifications to the company staff. You can separate internal and online bookings and sync the CalendarSpots appointments with the personal calendars of your staff.

point new Generation of Reports

Finally, make the best use of the reports tool that will allow you to get instant reports regarding how your business is going according to data gathered by CalendarSpots over time. Pie charts, diagrams, dashboards, and similar features will allow you to track and oversee the progress of your business, all backed with particular numbers and particular client data.

To round things out, these are the most stand-alone CalendarSpots tools:

Best of CalendarSpotsWhy Do You Need It? 
point new Automated remindersYou needn’t worry about scheduling reminders; they are set automatically
point new E-mail newsletters and e-mail and SMS remindersAll relevant employees or customers will be timely notified through both e-mail and SMS, in addition to receiving regular e-mail newsletters
point new Mobile web and app supportCalendarSpots is available both in a mobile web format and as an Android application
point new Monthly or yearly paymentYou can choose to make your payments on a monthly or a yearly basis, regardless of the payment plan

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example new │CalendarSpots Usage: Real-Life Examples

Real-life customer reviews for CalendarSpots are rather rare online. But, from what we found, most users seemed overjoyed with what CalendarSpots brought to the table for them. Apparently its primary aim – to simplify and organize the business lives of many people – has been successfully executed in the eyes of many users.

There are some critical remarks regarding ease of use, but aside from that small nitpick, the rest of the opinions seem to be overwhelmingly positive.

support new │Customer Support at CalendarSpots

CalendarSpots boasts several types of freely available customer support, all with quick response times and accurate information provision. The software offers a wide variety of tutorials on its website, intended to explain most of the features and tools to clients of all levels and expertise.

The customer support team at CalendarSpots is easy to contact – you can either visit their offices in Montreal, Quebec, Canada or call them on one of their three available phone numbers (one for locals, one for Canadians outside Montreal, and one for international callers).
Their phone service is available Monday to Friday, between 9 AM and 5 PM, Eastern Time.

And, you can always contact them through their e-mail address, at [email protected], as well as through their Skype account. 

Customer Support Takeaway

Type of contactDetails
point new In-person2001 blvd. Robert Bourassa, Suite 1700, Montreal, Quebec, CA, H3A A26
point new TelephoneLocal – 514-750-3380Toll-Free – 1-877-848-5029International – 1-514-750-3380
point new E-mail[email protected] 
point new Skypecalendarspots
A Competent CalendarSpots Alternative: Square Appointments
point new Square Appointments is a cloud-based software that can serve as a viable alternative to CalendarSpots. As an integrated POS, it prioritizes speed and effectiveness and instantly helps you order your schedule, track appointments and meetings, and complete transactions on the go. 
point new By offering a free version to individual users, Square Appointments has additionally elevated itself among the ranks of similar apps and services, making it the top competitor of CalendarSpots.

How Do CalendarSpots Compare to the Competition?

There are some core differences between the two platforms.

  • CalendarSpots is available as a cloud service, and also for Windows and Android devices, both as an app and web-based software. On the other hand, Square Appointments is only available as a cloud service and for iOS and Apple users as well, something CalendarSpots skips.
  • While CalendarSpots doesn’t feature a free version for individuals – but offers a 30-day free trial before you choose a plan -, Square Appointments does. Still, larger teams would need to pay significantly more for the advanced Square Appointments version than they would for the CalendarSpots Pro, the software’s most elaborate plan.
  • Whereas CalendarSpots offers four pricing plans – a $15 Solo, $30 Novice, $45 Plus, and $60 Pro plan, Square Appointments only offers three options to choose from. These are the $0 Single Location plan, the $29 Advanced plan, and the $69 Premium plan. 
  • And, while CalendarSpots is most recommended to small businesses and growing agencies, Square Appointments works best for personal businesses and private service-providing companies.
CalenderSpots Vs Square Appointments: Core differences between the two platforms
point new In terms of availability of software
point new In terms of feature of free version
point new In terms of pricing plans
point new In terms of user base

conclusion new │Final Thoughts 

We can safely conclude by claiming that CalendarSpots is one of the best available software of its kind. It’s quick, effective, efficient, and rather easy to understand, in addition to being relatively affordable, especially when you consider the features that come with each plan. 

All of its perks and advantages make the CalendarSpots software the best for start-ups or small businesses that need help managing both their time and their employees. Medical facilities dealing with many patients as well as other health centers will also find the CalendarSpots service fulfilling and to the point. 

CalendarSpots revolutionizes the field by combining the best aspects of most scheduling apps. Waste no more time and start your free trial now! With the help of CalendarSpots, your business will instantly amp up its game and soar to new heights!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

CalendarSpots can be used on Windows, Android, and the Web App operating systems and mobile platforms. The platform is not available for iOS and Apple devices.

CalendarSpots is a type of cloud software. Yet, it can be used as a desktop or mobile application, so long as you have a Windows, Web App, or Android operating system

CalendarSpots can be paid both monthly and yearly, depending on which option you choose. The prices, however, remain the same.

This software is best for small and medium-sized businesses, start-ups, medium businesses, and agencies. It is also the best for medical businesses and non-profit organizations looking to manage their schedules better.



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