Blinkplan is the perfect solution if you’re looking for an online tool to help you quickly edit and move pages in your flat plan. It enables you to easily share flat plans with your team, which makes collaboration a breeze.

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Blinkplan Facts

Pricing modelSubscriber based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionNo

review new │ Blinkplan Review

Magazine flatplans give a clear overview of where articles and adverts will appear in the final version of a magazine issue. They give you full control over every aspect of the design of your magazine. 

Blinkplan is one of the best magazine pagination tools on the market. It’s an online tool that helps you edit and share flat plans quickly and efficiently. It focuses on collaboration by allowing multiple people to work on the same flatplan simultaneously.  

Read our review to find out all you need to know about Blinkplan. 

Blinkplan – Best for collaborative magazine pagination.  
It can be challenging to organize flatplans when multiple people are working on the project simultaneously. Blinkplan is designed for collaboration so your entire team can get involved. 

pros and cons new │ Blinkplan Pros and Cons

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of Blinkplan’s software, let’s examine its key pros and cons. 

Blinkplan Pros

tick new Multiple users can work on a flatplan simultaneously. 

Blinkplan allows multiple users to work on the same flatplan in real-time for a more collaborative working environment. 

tick new Receive real-time updates about any changes.

With Blinkplan, you will be updated whenever a teammate edits your flatplan. Updates can help your team stay on top of your flatplan’s progress. 

tick new Leave comments for your teammates.

You can leave detailed notes on each flatplan and draw your teammates’ attention to specific sections to encourage collaboration.

tick new Take advantage of innovative design tools.

Blinkplan offers its users innovative design tools to help you arrange your pages and get a comprehensive overview of how your final product will look. 

tick new Visualize how your final magazine will look and function.

Color-code content types and track the totals as a number of pages, fractions, or percentages.

tick new Access a library of flatplan templates.

Rely on Blinkplan’s selection of flatplan templates or clone previous flatplans for a structured and professional design.

tick new Keep track of progress.

Workflow tags allow you to track progress on each page of your flatplan.

tick new Try before you buy.

Access a free demo to get a sense of whether this software is suited to you and your business. 

Blinkplan Cons

cons new There are limitations to the number of users.

Even Blinkplan’s most expensive subscription plan is limited to 10 users and 10 flatplans per month.

cons new The drag-and-drop tool can be temperamental. 

Some users have found the drag-and-drop tool to be temperamental and have had to manually move pages instead, which can be time-consuming.

Blinkplan AdvantagesBlinkplan Disadvantages
plus new Allows for real-time collaborationminus new Limited options for large businesses
plus new Updates you on any edits mademinus new Temperamental drag-and-drop tool
plus new Useful comments feature
plus new Build flatplans with ease 
plus new Visualize your final product
plus new Extensive template selection
plus new Simplifies your flatplan’s workflow
plus new Offers a free and handy demo


Don’t hesitate. Try Blinkplan Now!

Without Blinkplan, many struggles to keep pagination up to date and make flatplan design a collaborative experience. Upon adopting its software, publishers see vast improvements in the quality of their flatplans and the efficiency of their daily operations. 

what new │What is Blinkplan?

For those looking to design a magazine flatplan, Blinkplan is an excellent solution. It combines usability and functionality to give you the freedom to create beautiful plans efficiently. 

It boasts many impressive features, like its drag-and-drop tool and templates, which simplify the flatplan building process tenfold. This cloud-based service has been in business for twelve years and has developed an excellent reputation.

For a digital system that is simple, collaborative, and effective, look no further than Blinkplan. 

point new The interface is very user-friendly, and Blinkplan offers an instructional guide for every aspect of its system. 
point new The cloning feature turns previous flatplans into templates for future designs. 
point new Businesses can rely on Blinkplan to simplify the flatplan building process. 
point new Blinkplan prioritizes collaboration and helps to streamline magazine creation. 

how new │How Does Blinkplan Work?

Blinkplan operates on a simple, unified dashboard containing all the relevant features necessary to create the perfect flatplan. From this dashboard, you can add, edit, move, and delete pages of your flatplan.

Use templates for your entire flatplan, specific pages, and individual adverts. Begin the design process from scratch, or incorporate elements of previous flatplans to increase efficiency. Once you have an outline, rearrange pages using the drag-and-drop tool or place pages into the holding area if you’re unsure where to place them. 

Create and color-code categories based on a content type to better organize your plan and add thumbnails to represent each page. Communicate with coworkers through notes and comments to keep everyone up to speed. Assign workflow tags to indicate the progress of each page and ensure operations run smoothly. 

View a slideshow of your flatplan at any point or send a view-only version to colleagues for outsider input. Invite others to the project with one quick email to build your team and speed up the process. Upon completion, all that’s left to do is to transform your flatplan into the glossy final product – your beautiful magazine! 

feature new │Blinkplan Features

Below, we will go into more depth about Blinkplan’s features and how they can help you with magazine pagination.

point new Collaboration 

Up to 10 people can work on the same flatplan simultaneously. Share comments among your team members and receive automatic updates about any changes made. 


point new Design Tools

Blinkplan’s multi-page drag-and-drop tool makes it easy to rearrange your magazine pagination. You can also intuitively edit each page by clicking on each section and manually filling in the content. 

Design Tools

point new Flatplan Sharing

Export your flatplan as a PDF or send a view-only version to share your flatplan. Individuals don’t need a Blinkplan login to access view-only versions so that you can share your plans outside your team.

Flatplan Sharing

point new Workflow Tagging

With workflow tags, monitor which pages have been signed off, started, not received, etc. Provide visual markers of each page’s progress and filter by tag for ease. 

Workflow Tagging

Why You Need to Use Blinkplan

point new Gives those with limited design experience
the opportunity to create their own flatplans. 
point new Allows users to visualize their plan clearly with color-coded categories and tags
point new Enables collaboration among your team, wherever they are in the world. point new Has 12 years of experience and users in over 6,000 cities worldwide. 
point new Has multiple subscription options to suit businesses of any size. point new Provides a library of templates for sleek and professional flatplans. 


Blinkplan can work for your business!

With a wide range of documentation and excellent customer service, Blinkplan is a reliable and user-friendly solution. The team behind Blinkplan understands magazine creation and strives to make the planning process as easy as possible.

who new │Who Should Use Blinkplan?

Regardless of your design experience level, Blinkplan is the ideal magazine pagination tool. Its simple interface makes navigating its many features a breeze, and there’s always a team standing by to answer any queries.

It’s suitable for businesses of any size, thanks to its multi-tiered subscriptions. Freelancers, small industry magazines, glossies, and big publishers can benefit from Blinkplan’s innovative software.

point new Great for freelancers and small companies looking to produce high-quality magazines quickly and efficiently. 
point new It doesn’t matter whether you’re familiar with magazine pagination or not. Blinkplan has tools to make flatplan design accessible for everyone. 
point new Even the largest publishers can benefit from Blinkplan’s remarkable features to create beautiful flatplans in record time. 


Use Blinkplan For Your Magazine Design!

If your business relies on magazines to reach out to your audience, you can adopt Blinkplan as your primary design platform. The software has a range of templates to create structured and functional flatplans. 

cost and time new │Blinkplan Time and Cost

point new How much time will it take to complete a flatplan using Blinkplan? 

The time it takes to make your flatplan depends on the number of pages and the level of detail you wish to include. You can clone previous flatplans and use these as templates to finalize your current design in no time at all. 

point new How expensive is Blinkplan?

Blinkplan is not the cheapest flatplan design option. However, this is because of its high-quality functionality, usability, and customer support. It is most definitely worth the investment. 

usability new │Blinkplan Usability

The major advantage of Blinkplan is its usability. Blinkplan’s user-friendly interface simplifies magazine pagination for all of its users. Blinkplan has built every aspect of this software around you, so there’s no need for complex instruction or training. 

Its services are tried and trusted by many happy customers who endorse Blinkplan’s simplicity and usability. It rates highly for usability because it offers straightforward solutions to your magazine creation needs. 

Blinkplan doesn’t claim to be jam-packed with all the latest bells and whistles – it doesn’t need to! Its features are crafted to perfection and provide an end-to-end solution for a magazine design. 

With Blinkplan, there’s no time-consuming installation or configuration process. Instead, you and your team can start developing your flatplan immediately. You can even access your flatplan from any tablet or mobile device to maximize productivity!

pricing new │Blinkplan Pricing

Blinkplan offers a transparent pricing plan with no minimum contract. You can pay via credit card at the same time every month, and you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription anytime. 

You won’t automatically be charged when your free trial ends; instead, Blinkplan will contact you to see if you wish to continue using its services. Cancellation is straightforward and doesn’t involve any hassle or penalties. 

Subscription Plans

point new 15-Day Free TrialYes
point new Tiny6 people, 3 active flatplans, 90 pages per flatplan$15 per month
point new Small6 people, 5 active flatplans, 175 pages per flatplan$20 per month
point new Standard6 people, 5 active flatplans, 400 pages per flatplan$29 per month
point new More10 people, 10 active flatplans, 650 pages per flatplan$39 per month


Get Started with Blinkplan Today!

Blinkplan is an excellent planning tool for anyone in the magazine business. Regardless of the content, you create or your industry, make beautiful publications courtesy of Blinkplan. 

tools new │How Can Blinkplan Help My Business?

Blinkplan is designed with magazine publishers in mind. It can help your business in various ways. 

point new Perfect for remote workers

Blinkplan can be accessed anywhere in the world, from any tablet or device. It’s ideal for teams that work remotely because users can communicate via comments and stay in the loop about changes.

point new Increase the volume of output

Businesses can produce large volumes of magazines thanks to Blinkplan’s software. Even smaller companies can work on multiple flatplans simultaneously and vastly increase their output. 

point new Speed up the planning process

There are fewer delays in the production process with Blinkplan. As soon as one flatplan is submitted, teams can begin work on the next one. 

point new Maintain a smooth workflow

Tools like workflow tags and color-coding allow teams to maintain a smooth and efficient workflow. Teams can be confident that each stage of the design process is carried out smoothly and efficiently with Blinkplan. 

Points to Note
point new Blinkplan enables businesses to work on flatplans outside the office. 
point new The tools offered by Blinkplan are suitable for small, mid-sized, and large businesses.
point new Teams can significantly increase the speed and output of magazine design. 
point new With Blinkplan, the design process is frictionless and thorough. 

example new │Blinkplan Users

Blinkplan offers its services to many well-known brands, including: 

point new Bauer Media

Based in the UK, this privately owned media business offers over 80 magazines and uses Blinkplan for magazine pagination. 

point new Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan is a famous women’s media brand delivering content about pop culture, politics, career advice, and more. For their publications, Cosmopolitan relies on Blinkplan to create flatplans. 

point new Centaur Media PLC

Centaur uses Blinkplan to develop their magazine publications and provide business information to the marketing and legal sector. 

support new │Blinkplan Support

Blinkplan is committed to its customers and strives to deliver all the guidance you could need. 

Access Blinkplan’s support by emailing [email protected]

Blinkplan offers a demo, which is a replica of how the paid service would work. This means you can get first-hand experience of how the software could work for you. You can also access a free, no credit card required, 15-day trial.  

If this is still not enough, Blinkplan will extend your trial. All you need to do is send them an email, and they’ll be happy to oblige. 

point new Email [email protected] for a fast and helpful response to your query. 
point new Access a comprehensive demonstration of Blinkplan’s services.
point new Take part in a free, no credit card required 15-day trial.
Alternative to Blinkplan Software – Flat Plan
Flat Plan is a valuable software product for magazine editors and publishers. It eliminates clumsy plans and allows multiple users to work on the same flatplan simultaneously, in real-time. 
Comparing Blinkplan to Flat Plan
Although Flat Plan shares many of the same features as Blinkplan, it falls short in functionality. Flat Plan doesn’t have as many tagging and color-coding capabilities and has a far more clunky interface. 

conclusion new │Conclusion

Blinkplan is a popular software application that caters to all your magazine flatplan needs! 

It gives you and your team complete control over your magazine design. Its focus on collaboration means that you can take full advantage of each team member’s individual skills to produce a fantastic magazine flatplan. 

Blinkplan is highly accessible, no matter your level of experience, and they provide excellent customer support if any difficulties arise. Blinkplan has built a loyal customer base over its 12 years in business, thanks to its people-centric ethos.  

They offer a range of impressive features to streamline the magazine pagination process. Some of their standout features include real-time collaboration on flatplans, commenting capabilities, and flatplan cloning. 


Try Blinkplan Now!

Blinkplan is the premier magazine pagination tool for flatplan collaboration. Its fantastic features, usability, and customer support make it an excellent option for anyone looking for flatplan software.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Blinkplan is the magazine pagination tool for creating sleek flatplans in the blink of an eye. It is an online tool, which allows you to quickly create, edit, rearrange and share your magazine flatplan.

Blinkplan costs between $15 and $39 per month, depending on your subscription plan. The more flatplans and users you require, the higher the monthly subscription fee. There is a free 15-day trial available, so you can try it before you buy.

A flatplan is a document that shows the overview of your magazine’s design. It shows where each page will be situated and where the editorials and adverts will appear. Creating a flatplan is a vital stage of design that takes place before production begins.

Flatplans have different names, depending on who you ask. They’re also known as: Magazine pagination Magazine layout templates Magazine page maps Mapping layout for magazines Page map templates



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