Avatar Dialler

Avatar Dialler

Avatar Dialler is a cloud-based call center software that helps businesses manage their outbound calling operations. Avatar Dialler streamlines call center operations, improves agent productivity, and enhances customer engagement.

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Avatar Dialler Facts

Pricing modelPer Agent, Subscriber based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionNo

Avatar-Dialler Overview

Avatar Dialler is a contact center software that can dial numbers automatically. It provides high-quality taped messages in both American and British English. Avatar Dialler is intended for call centers, marketing enterprises, and customer service organizations. It can manage large numbers of inbound and outbound calls from all over the world. Top-tier agents can make calls with ease using Avatar Dialler’s prepared spells. They can be customized to your company’s requirements, target market, and geographic area.

With this feature, you may have your agents do a variety of jobs efficiently. Avatar Dialler makes it easier to establish rapport because communication is more personalized, resulting in a better image in your market and more profit for your firm. Here’s the entire, in-depth Avatar-Dialler review.

Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • The automated call technology used by Avatar Dialler has an impact on the company’s operations. Phone-based campaigns become simpler, with less time spent dialing numbers and selling products. With the program, you may free up your employees’ time to focus on customer care or telemarketing.
  • It standardizes the voice calls made by your firm. When your agents do not repeat tasks, they are more productive. To deliver persuasive messages, professionals create taped voices.
  • Also, it is PCI-compliant to protect your customers’ data during transactions.
  • Moreover, the Avatar Dialler’s inexpensive VOiP prices are especially beneficial for enterprises that make many calls.


  • This Avatar-Dialler review found it to be a very complex piece of software that should be simplified so that the tools within it can be good. It is pricey, however, there is a free trial available to users.
  • Social media expansions are required for calling software since individuals can contact brands not only by dialing toll-free numbers but also through social media calls.
  • There should be more social media-related functions.
  • Software suppliers can make the user interface flexible enough to avoid errors while using complementary functionalities.
  • Though the IVR system can help you double the speed of your work, the agents may need to make minor modifications on different calls, and they cannot use the same script at all. Therefore, they must spend time and leave voicemails on all calls rather than IVRs.
  • True call timing in a customizable manner. It makes it easier and more convenient for people to use.
  • Avatar’s Hosted Predictive Dialer improves center productivity and effectiveness.


One of Dialer360’s most self-motivated features is the Avatar Dialer. Avatar can assist your company in communicating with clients by providing a great American or British accent. Your customer will understand the messages more clearly. You can use it in conjunction with a predictive dialer to gain better results while dealing with customers.

If you need to pause the recordings during a call for the sake of the customer, simply click the “stop” button at the top of the screen, and your message will be paused. When you need to replay the message after a while, simply press that button again, and your message will play again.

This Avatar-Dialler review found that it could help your business by using less money to generate a large quantity of profit. It saves both the corporation and the agent time.


Avatar Dialler enables CRM, time management, workload reduction, better agent and management productivity, and more. Also, the avatar CRM features include:

  • CRM helps managers to spend less time maintaining clients and sales lists and more time establishing strategies. Updated lists, reports, and projects provide real-time feedback on agent performance.
  • Customers’ support centers need flexibility and change to improve customer information and needs. CRM creates and edits lists, leads, documents, and customer profiles.
  • All agents’ data are updated to CRM every day, executives and agents know where their sales graphs and productivity reports are, and they work hard to find the best spot in CRM sales graphs and executives’ eyes.
  • Moreover, the avatar CRM’s multi channel support solution integrates with Avatar Dialer, hosted PBX, Robocalling, and internal and external chat.
  • Executives and agents may access CRM, exchange documents, produce reports, design management plans, and assess job performance from anywhere in the globe with only one click.

Support Quality

Some of the support features and general features of the Avatar dialer are listed below:

  • Web Custom Page, Web Screen.
  • Messages Pre Recorded For Auto-Dial And Multiple Campaigns.
  • Control over recording, dialing, and an unlimited number of alternate numbers.
  • Check Into Conversation, Real-Time Reports, and Queue Prioritization.

Avatar soundboard includes a plethora of adjustable features that enable agents to efficiently engage with clients and express their audio messages. Avatar can be updated by adding new parts of synth tones and new sounds based on business and consumer initiatives. You may also control which buttons are pressed first and which are pressed last.

During the calling procedure, you have one more dynamic option to add as many Avatar Sounds as you require. Avatar communicates with consumers in a beautiful accent and individualized style by using pre-recorded messages. It can make agents more comfortable and boost client confidence in your product. In addition, the robot list gives you an idea of your recorded files and their reactions to clients.

Avatar Dialler Pricing

  • Starting at: $15.00 per month/agent
  • Pricing models include free trials and subscriptions.
  • Free Trial: A 15-day free trial is available (no credit card required)


To conclude this Avatar-Dialler review, it is a contact center software solution that uses automated voice messages to streamline support services for firms with international consumers. Predictive dialer and robocalling are among the technologies used to increase efficiency and remove the risk of human dialing errors.

You’ll never miss a chance again with Avatar Dialler. Because Avatar’s CRM automatically prepares leads for you, developing strategies and sales graphs of daily agents’ job productivity, you’ll have more time to plan your call center strategies and daily workflows.

Hosted PBX is the unique name of the telephonic system, and the reason it is called Hosted PBX is that it provides its service cloud with infinite user interaction and geographical versatility. Finally, it gets all telecommunication calls on your Phone and may be connected from anywhere.

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