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3ds Max Design

3ds Max Design is an animation software that offers modern tools. Check out its review here to find out if this tool is right for you.




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3ds Max Design

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Hey there! Just a quick heads up that 3ds Max Design is now part of Autodesk. We’re working on updating our reviews ASAP, so keep an eye out for that. Thanks for your patience!

3ds Max Design Overview

3ds Max Design is a software program that enables you to create using 3D design, modeling, animations, and even rendering. Perfect for professionals, this 3ds Max Design review will look at how it can help architects, designers, engineers, and more visualize their projects quickly and efficiently.

Our 3ds Max Design review will look at all their top features and how businesses can utilize them. Additionally, we will look at the 3ds Max Design pricing for affordability.

Keep reading our 3ds Max Design review to see how this software compares to its competitors. We also found that 3ds Max Design does offer an impressive array of tools to get you started.

Pros and Cons

+ Modeling — excellent modeling capabilities which are perfect for use by professional architects

+ Shading and lighting effects — great selection of effects as well as rigging and texturing options

+ In-built modifiers —these are great options for beginners

+ Fast and lightweight — can get up and running quickly compared to competitors

-Steep learning curve — the controls are hard to learn and can be quite difficult to manage

-Limited operating system compatibility — does not work on older PCs resulting in low performances

-Poor inbuilt rendering — this is not as good as it could or should be especially given the 3ds Max Design pricing


To start our 3ds Max Design review, we took a look at the usability of this software. Overall, it has a high score. But, there are some complaints here and there. While the design is relatively straightforward, with 3ds Max Design feature and options easily found, there is a steep learning curve.

Furthermore, our 3ds Max Design review found many users complaining about the controls, finding them hard to manage at times. Also, additional plugins and tools are constantly being requested to make the interface smoother to work with.

However, it does have the ability to customize the UI and gives a responsive, user-ready interface for those ready to learn.


The 3ds Max Design feature available is second to none for modeling and creating. There are a range of different options here to enable detailed models to be created. Some of the top 3ds Max Design feature available are:

  • Modeling and texturing: 3ds Max Design features a number of modeling and texturing options, including spline workflows for creating and animating geometry. Additionally, there’s a chamfer modifier for next-level detail.
  • Workflow: Enhanced pipeline tools mean you can get a smooth experience when creating with 3ds Max Design features and tools. It’s also possible to customize the workspaces for a more modern look.
  • Animate and effects: 3ds Max Fluids helps you create natural liquid flows in your work. There are also rigging tools, general animation tools, motion paths, and more, enabling you to create high-quality animation content quickly.
  • Rendering: The Brilliant Viewport enables interactions with previews and the option to see scene changes in real-time, which can save time.

Support Quality

In our 3ds Max Design review, we tested out the support options that 3ds Max Design features. Happily, there are several learning options available on their website. These include troubleshooting tutorials, forums, downloadable options, and more.

There are many different specific routes to get to a customer service agent, but they make sure you get to the right person as you have to select topics at each interval. Of course, if none of this helps, then it’s possible to get in touch with someone directly via email as well. In our 3ds Max Design review, we have rated the support highly. Initially time-consuming, but it was worth it in the end as we were connected with someone with the right knowledge.

3ds Max Design Pricing — What does it cost?

The 3ds Max Design pricing is a little steep, but then again, with the 3ds Max Design feature available, this is understandable. There is a 30-day free trial to get you up and running, but you will need to pay after that. Unlike other companies, the 3ds Max Design pricing plan is very straightforward. It’s subscription-based, so you get all the features once you pay for it. It’s just a case of how often you pay for it during the year.

Free trialYes
MonthlyStarting at $185 per month
QuarterlyStarting at $460 per quarter
AnnuallyStarting at $1470 per year


To conclude this 3ds Max Design review, we were very impressed with the services and tools this software delivers. This software has it all, from great animation options to rendering, modeling, and texturing options.

Aside from 3ds Max design pricing, there’s not much to dislike. The 3ds Max Design pricing is quite steep, but this is the full package. As such, it’s totally worth it.

Try out 3ds Max Design now!

Offering a range of excellent animation and video-making tools from rendering, rigging, modeling, and texturing, this is a must for professionals in a wide variety of industries.



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