10to8 is a scheduling and appointment booking software that can help businesses manage their appointments and schedules with ease. With features such as two-way chat and automated reminders, 10to8 is a great choice for businesses looking for a comprehensive scheduling solution.




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10to8 Facts

Pricing modelPer User
Free trialYes
Free versionYes

10to8 Overview

10to8 provides a cloud-hosted meeting and appointment scheduling platform that enables businesses to automate their event management processes. You can read through the 10to8 review below to know more about its features, pricing, and other details. You can use this information to compare 10to8 features with other similar software.

Based on 10to8 review comments from experts and users, the platform’s overall score sits at the higher end of the rating scale due to its ease of use, user-friendly interface, and other notable features.

Pros and Cons

+ Easy Integration — Software can be easily integrated within their own applications.

+ User-Friendly Interface — The platform is convenient to use with its user-friendly interface.

+ Responsive Support for Enterprise clients — Enterprise users receive great responsive support from the team.

Limited Customization — The users are not able to customize some of the 10to8 features as they want.

Poor Customer Support — It is quite challenging for the users of low-tier pricing plans to get customer support.


Based on the 10to8 review comments from experts, the platform is one of the easiest to use. Users also find the dashboard easy to navigate and user-friendly. The instructions provided are simple and clear.

It is easy to look for the needed features on the dashboard. If you need coordination from various people, don’t worry! 10to8 is the best app to fix multi-party appointments. The well-designed user interface also enabled the user to input reminders and other information with fewer errors.

With regard to usability, the 10to8 platform is at the higher end of the rating scale. As per the 10to8 review inputs, many users gave high ratings on the ease-of-use aspect. The 10to8 review feedback from various industry clients also highlighted the mobile-friendliness of the platform.


As per the details of 10to8 explained on its website, the platform has several features that can help with your appointment and schedule management processes. These 10to8 features were presented below.

  • SMS and email reminders. With these free and automated alerts, you can configure notifications to prevent no-show instances.
  • 2-way client chat. As part of the 10to8 features, you can set up this chat configuration to avoid unwanted interruptions such as phone calls.
  • Integration with over 500 apps. Based on the 10to8 review comments, you can use the APIs offered by 10to8 to help you take advantage of the 10to8 features on various applications.
  • Calendar sync functionality. You can sync separate calendars to avoid booking mistakes as per the specifications of 10to8 explained on its website.

Support Quality

The 10to8 review comments show varying opinions on the support quality. Some users find the support excellent at the enterprise level of the 10to8 pricing tier. However, most small business owners who typically avail of cheaper lower-tier 10to8 pricing plans find the support to be subpar as per their 10to8 review comments.

Based on the 10to8 features of the Enterprise plan, the support in this 10to8 pricing level includes both online and phone. The lower tier 10to8 pricing plans include online support only, which accounted for the difference.

Overall, the support quality provided by the platform is at the higher end of the rating scale. As 10to8 explained on its website, the company prioritizes providing a great customer service experience.

10to8 Pricing — What does it cost?

The 10to8 pricing plan provides suitable pricing tiers for organizations of all sizes. You can opt for the free small business plan or pay for the 10to8 pricing plans for bigger businesses.

It’s important to note that the monthly price decreases when the annual plans for each tier. Given the pricing that 10to8 specified on its website, the following inclusions scale up with the 10to8 pricing tiers: number of appointments, logins, customization, support, and other Enterprise tools.

Based on the details of 10to8 explained on its website, here are the plans:

Small BusinessFree
BasicStarting from $12 /user/month
GrowStarting from $25 /user/month
Bigger BusinessStarting from $50 /user/month


As per the details of 10to8 explained above, the platform provides several benefits such as ease of use, a user-friendly interface, and good customer support for enterprise clients.

There were some reported customer support challenges on various 10to8 review pages for those on the lower 10to8 pricing tiers. Nevertheless, the 10to8 review ratings show scores at the higher end.

Based on the parameters 10to8 explained on its website, bigger organizations can avail of more 10to8 features with paid plans.

Overall, the features of 10to8 explained above can greatly help you to lessen no-show instances. It can also remove unwanted interruptions with client chat as reported in the 10to8 review comments. The integration with over 500 apps also allows seamless use.

Try Out 10to8 Now!

You can try out 10to8 now to avail of the benefits of having an efficient and productive automated scheduling and appointment management process for your organization.



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