Docebo (from the Latin “I will teach” and pronounced “Docebo”) is a pure Cloud Learning Management System (LMS) that over 28,000 organizations have used globally since 2005. Sold in over 70 countries worldwide and available in over 30 languages, Docebo truly exemplifies internationalization.

Docebo has been ranked in the world’s Top 10 for SaaS elearning solutions providers, and in the Top 3 for B2B LMSs. Docebo is generally regarded as one of the industry’s most comprehensive solutions for training management, and has been chosen by some of the world’s most respected companies to achieve operational efficiency.

Backed by venture capital, Docebo has offices in Europe, Asia and North America, and is currently one of the fastest growing learning technology companies in the market.

About the Docebo LMS
Docebo is not just an elearning tool, and it is not just a single product – it is a product that was designed to be delivered in SaaS as an ecosystem of features and modules that can be enabled or disabled per customer requirement/s. It is extendable and flexible, with a component based architecture. This unique approach means companies can rapidly extend and scale their solution according to needs. What’s more Docebo can easily be integrated with your existing IT systems (HR, CRM and other preferred platforms) via an API system.

The LMS is very easy to use and has been widely recognized for its user friendly and modern UI, and UIX. It manages, delivers and tracks Web-based Training (WBT), Instructor-led Training (ILT), and Blended Learning activities.

Why do people love Docebo?
Easy to use LMS with a modern UI
Manages, delivers and tracks instructor led (ILT) and web-based training WBT) activities
Organizations can better train their workforce, channels and clients
Enterprise Cloud Solution (ECS) option allows the LMS to run on a dedicated Cloud instance
Available in more than 30 languages
Robust and extendable in order to meet large sized project requirements
Mobile-ready, off-the-shelf and fully integrated solution that is scalable

Key Features

  • 100% Cloud, ready-to-go
  • Modern User Interface
  • Custom Branding
  • Scalability
  • Unlimited storage, courses, bandwidth
  • Test, Tracking & Reporting
  • Gamification
  • Branding & White-labelling
  • ILT-Classroom Training
  • Web conferencing
  • APIs & SSO
  • Certification & Retraining
  • E-Commerce
  • Multidomain for Extended Enterprise LMS
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 27001



Starting from:
EUR 170 / month
Pricing model:
Free Trial:


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