Heimdall Data


Scaling the data tier is a challenge resulting in high development and capital costs. Heimdall Data is a SQL optimization platform for your existing application-database in the cloud or on-premise.

Unlike other solutions, Heimdall Data provides database scale with ZERO application changes. There are no changes to your existing application or data infrastructure. It just works. Pretty cool?

• Do you use a cache today (Redis, Memcache)? We directly connect into grid-caches and offer recommendations on what you SHOULD cache. This saves a lot of development and configuration mistakes. Just "One-click" on the queries/tables you want to cache, and you're done!
• SQL sharding and read/write split are all policy based. No rewriting of the application.
• Automated database failover: It's better than the AWS failover; we are application-aware and will not drop the connection upon a database outage. No more spending months on a developing a failover solution on MySQL or Postgres PGpool. Install us in 5 minutes and you are ready to go.
• Database Firewall: Built into this software platform is an SQL injection prevention solution. There are no signatures or profiles to update. Our solution auto-learns and notifies abnormal queries.

Heimdall Data comes in 3 installation packages, which are all installed on the application server:
• JDBC driver: Supports an JVM application
• MySQL proxy
• Postgres proxy

Check us out in AWS Public AMI community (Search "Heimdall"), or go to our website for a free copy. Have fun.

Key Features

  • SQL caching
  • Automated database failover
  • SQL performance monitoring
  • SQL injection
  • Database security
  • SQL optimization
  • SQL analytics



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