Studies said that 60% of marketers suffer from tracking the ROI's. We are a Performance Marketing Software to help Marketers with Demonstrating ROI for their online Marketing Activities.
vNative is Performance Marketing SAAS which optimized the Campaigns through Machine Learning.
It helps you create and run your own campaigns natively with the existing model of CPC, CPM, CPA, CPI etc for you and your partners.

Our Software helps any agencies or brand provide a seamless tech solution to run any performance-based campaign mutually and see the real-time results and goal at one place.
Integration with various systems greatly accelerates, streamlines, and automate your workflows. vNative comes with a robust API functionality to help you create seamless integrations with your existing systems and applications, helping make your processes run faster and smoother.
We have helped around 50 Agencies including from 9 Countries around the Globe.

vNative boasts 99.99% up time all over the world, thanks to its powerful, reliable, and secure infrastructure. You can access the system’s up time anytime directly from your dashboard too. The network’s Dedicated Clusters on Cloud is capable of scaling automatically to instantly meet your traffic needs and keep your site available during periods when traffic spikes up significantly.
Fraud protection is paramount with vNative. Thanks to its proprietary algorithm, your brand, and your campaigns are protected from abnormal behavior and spend. On top of all that, the service comes with an excellent support service from the vNative team, who are more than willing to take your ideas and suggestions on how to further improve their product and service so that you can fulfill the full potential of your business.

Key Features

  • White-label
  • Event Tracking and Custom Goals
  • Offer Caps & Special Caps
  • Offer Access Control
  • Multiple Landing Pages Support
  • Pixel and Postback Control
  • Custom Report Calculations
  • Auto-Generate Invoices
  • Alert & Notification
  • Billing for Publishers
  • Mobile Monetisation SDK
  • Mobile Attribution SDK



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