The best software for real estate investors

Real estate software allows investors to analyze the income property they want to invest in quickly. The software can quickly and accurately help the investor project the profit margins that the property can bring.

The advantage of using this software is that you do not need to be a professional in any field to evaluate the financial aspects of the property effectively. Real estate software can help investors with all kinds of investment properties.

The investment software can handle any situations that may involve quick flip, foreclosure, and even rehab. It also can conduct calculations that involve IRR, NPV, Amortization, taxes, and many other calculations.

Since the market is flooded with several software options, this will hopefully help you to break down the features of some of the best.


CREmodel is an excel-based real estate investment software that is useful in the analysis of multifamily office space, apartment buildings, industrial properties, and retail spaces. It is effective in the generation of reports analyzing real estate deals and real estate flipping.

The real estate software also helps in conducting profitability and cost accounting analysis, ensuring that the investment is profitable. Some of the calculations that the CREmodel helps include the calculation of net present value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), debt coverage ratio (DCR), and leveraged IRR.

The benefit of choosing this software is that it is very affordable with a 60-day refund guarantee. It is also very easy to use as it comes with interactive tools that help make the investor’s work easy.


This real estate investment software is excel-based and is instrumental when analyzing both industrial and commercial properties. One of the benefits of RealData is that it is capable of analyzing the tax liability of a given investment though this is an optional feature.

RealData also contains features such as the comparative lease analysis and the commercial and industrial development feature. It comes with calculators that can assist in giving a conclusive and accurate analysis of the property you needed.

The investment software helps in the breakdown of tax implications, and the generation of presentations and reports. Another benefit of RealData is that it gives an insight into the deductions and savings to be made on a given prospective deal.

The advantages of this investment software include the range of options that are available to different investors. These include resale and cash flow analysis and a partnership module that comes with several advanced features.

The Analyst Pro

The Analyst Pro is acclaimed to be the best mobile real estate investment software in the industry. It is largely used by investors dealing in commercial properties as it offers tools for analysis that are comprehensive and efficient.

This software allows investors to have the mobility that they need. It also offers them some excellent features such as location risk analysis, commercial property tours rating, and a calculator for mortgages.

It also gives the investor access to several tools for analysis. These tools include cash flow and resale analysis, annual and monthly returns on investments, and calculators for cap rates.


Argus investment software is prominent among investors who deal with commercial real estate. It is very useful to conduct cash flow analysis, valuation analysis, and risk analysis.

Argus is majorly popular due to its ability to incorporate macroeconomic data, which provides analysts with forecasts and the recent trends in the industry. It also features several tools that help in the provision of reports and accounting information for investors.

The predictive ability of Argus is useful to real estate investors as it can predict and forecast future gains, risks, and performance of the investment. It supports collaboration among different users since it gives enterprise solutions, allowing individuals to share data securely.


This real estate investment software is efficient in managing any task that is required in real estate. It has been designed to allow you to create your return rates, develop marketing reports, analyze your profits, and prepare comprehensive cash flows. 

The software is simple to use and works efficiently, hence does not require any experience. Proapod also provides investors with multiple loan assumptions if they want mortgage loans.

Other features of this real estate investment software include a user-friendly interface and design, automated calculations in real-time and seamless printing. It also provides forms and reports that are easy to read and evaluate with evaluation tools for sales prices.

Proapod also provides time value and tax shelter in marketing presentations with residential and commercial property management features.



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