Self-employed life: what’s the best independent contractor app?

Apps have transformed the lives of self-employed professionals. Read on to discover the best independent contractor app for your goals.

Are you an independent contractor with ready clients? Do you have accounting needs and tax needs? Being an independent contractor means you’ll need to cut on costs to make sure that the amount of cash you remain with sustains your practice and your daily needs.

There are apps that would help you in handling this. Apps have transformed the lives of self-employed professionals. Read on to discover the best independent contractor app for your goals.

The Intuit QuickBooks Self Employed

Ever wondered what it would feel like to have all your accounting work under your control? By accounting work, the intended meaning is posting all your daily expenses and revenues. Well, the feeling is amazing. This is unanimous feedback from all the independent contractors that do their daily bookkeeping using Apps.

Having all your assets, liabilities, and capital movements at your fingertips is good for business. Knowing your revenue and expenses ensures that you have good control of the business. The QuickBooks App is among the many proposed accounting and tax apps for independent contractors.

A survey by the Intuit QuickBooks Self Employed App developers shows that 5.6 million businesses use QuickBooks. This is a very huge number. It is an indication that the QuickBooks App is affordable and preferable for many independent contractors.

Basing judgment on the number of users, QuickBooks App remains the best accounting and tax app for independent contractors. With this fact in light, you must be curious about why many of the independent contractors prefer using the App. To quench the curiosity in you, here are the benefits of QuickBooks that make it the best App.

Intuit QuickBooks Self Employed App Calculates Your Taxes for You

The QuickBooks app has a feature allowing it to calculate your quarterly tax payments for you. By the end of a quarter, you have knowledge about the amounts you owe in terms of taxes or the claimable balances. The tax calculations are in line with the expenses and the revenues you upload into your QuickBooks account.

Another amazing feature of QuickBooks is that it can sync all the information that you upload to another platform by the name TurboTax which also computes your taxes. The good thing is you can get your tax computations even without synchronizing your information with TurboTax.

Posting of Transactions Is Easy

As an independent contractor, there is not much time to spare. You need an independent contractor app that is easy to use. When posting receipts and invoices of expenses, all you have to do is take a photo of the supporting document and upload it to your app.

QuickBooks will then recognize the receipt and books in your ledgers. The same applies to pay stubs. Whether physical or generated by a paystub creator, QuickBooks makes it easy to recognize the payments. Can bookkeeping get any easier and quicker?

It Is Cheaper Relative to Other Apps

The QuickBooks App for independent contractors charges 5 dollars a month for its use. This charge is lower relative to other apps that provide the same service. As an independent contractor, you pay less and end up getting first-class service. As satisfactory service that keeps getting better.

Still Looking for the Best Independent Contractor App?

Stop searching for the best independent contractor app. The QuickBooks app is the best based on its statistics and the benefits that it comes with. Why stay on the sidelines while you can download QuickBooks and enjoy like the rest?

Read more on my blog about other independent contractor apps and more insights about the right software for your business.



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