How these 7 companies are using laser technology to combat the pandemic: what’s your contribution?

With the rise of the COVID-19 crisis, more pressure has been put on businesses and companies as they work to maintain (and future-proof) their bottom-line revenue among the threat of operational changes, corporate mandates, and potential shutdowns. One thing the pandemic is teaching everyone is that unique and unprecedented events require unique solutions. 

Today, an array of companies has taken the pandemic as an opportunity to learn new ways to use the services or products they offer to benefit others. One example can be seen at Some other examples are described below. 

1. Shields Windshields 

This is a family-owned and operated acrylic and polycarbonate manufacturer that manufactures canopies, shields, windows, and windscreens for race cars, specialty vehicles, heavy equipment, OEMs, military, marine, and vintage vehicles. 

When the current coronavirus pandemic began, the company was given a design to create intubation boxes. On the same day, the design was presented, the company president made a prototype and started contacting hospitals, finding out the specific needs they had. 

At this time, the company also released a statement that stated this crisis is something that is challenging for everyone. The goal they had was to help local healthcare providers remain safe and hoped the boxes being manufactured would help with this goal. Throughout the pandemic, the company has built boxes and shipped them worldwide with plans to continue providing support and assistance as needed. 

To make and identify blanks, both lasers and CNC machinery were used. Once the pieces of the box were formed, they were fit together and shipped to the destination. 

2. Woodchuck the USA 

This is a custom wood products company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, that is well-known for creating unique gifts. When Governor Walz issued the stay at home order for the state, founder and CEO of Woodchuck USA, Ben Vanden Wymelenberg, moved his company into a new production sector. 

At first, the company shifted about half of its total protections to manufacturing face shields for medical staff and personnel. A prototype for the masks was created 24 hours after the stay at home order was issued. As word and need grew, the team shifted all manufacturing efforts to the creation of face masks, and at the peak of production, was creating 45K masks per day. Top-quality lasers are being used for the creation of these masks. 

At this company, the team recognized the high demand for these safety devices and decided to pitch in and support the cause. All face shields are compliant with the N95 masks and produced based on the standards created by John Hopkins

3. Laser Etch 

Laser Etch is a company that uses advanced laser technology for engraving on stone, glass, wood, plastic, metal, and other materials. The technology used by this company allows workers to custom-etch, sandblast, cut, and 3D-engrave on several items, materials, and surfaces, including irregular and curved surfaces like rocks, baseball bats, and pens. 

When the pandemic started, the company was asked to create PPE face shields. At this point, the workers utilized the lasers on-site to create shields based on the necessary specifications. The company worked to create a mask version that was a bit different from what was seen on the news to ensure it was not a single-use item. 

4. Laser Cutting, Inc. 

Based in Milwaukee, WI, Laser Cutting, Inc. is a full-service point-of-purchase and sign manufacturing company. For over three decades, this company has provided services in the industry related to designing and manufacturing displays and signs while also offering laser engraving and laser setting services with their secondary operations. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the company began helping meet the demand for PPE devices. The company started using its ten on-site lasers to manufacture polycarbonate face covers, clear acrylic barriers for retail stores and cutting fabric masks to help with the growing need for protection in all aspects of society.”

5. Mirart 

Originally founded in 1976, this company began to manufacture an array of acrylic mirrored products. Today, the lasers they have on-site are being used to manufacture face shields, sneeze guards, partitions, and intubation boxes. The goal is to help create safer work environments for essential workers. 

The intubation box, designed for use in hospitals, works by being put over a person’s head and shoulders when intubated. The box provides a protective shield between the medical staff and patient, intending to reduce the disease’s spread. 

6. Versacarry 

Known for producing quality leather holsters, this company has joined the fight against the coronavirus, too. The manufacturing facility moved from making firearm accessories to specific medical items, such as masks and face shields. Today, Versacarry is using three on-site lasers to cut their PPE products. 

The weekly output of these items was expected to be more than 20K of each item. Once created, they are being sent to the front-line workers to help ensure their safety. 

7. Faulkner Plastics 

Another family-owned and operated business, this company is known for the distribution and fabrication of various products. While the company did not produce medical equipment before the pandemic, the shortage of safety and PPE equipment resulted in its shifting focus. With COVID-19, the company flipped production to all plastic face masks. Today, the plant is operating 24 hours a day to produce the masks and to ensure they are getting into the hands of the people who need them the most. 

Making a Contribution 

As seen from the information above, companies worldwide are taking steps to contribute to the health and well-being of people around the world. Other companies should follow suit and use the lasers and other tools they have on-site to do something for humankind’s greater good. During a global pandemic, like COVID-19, everyone must come together and help one another. Being informed and seeing what other people are doing will help other companies follow suit and make their own contributions to help everyone get through these unprecedented times. Remember, using a laser cutter does come with some level of risk, so be sure to have the proper training before moving forward with this tool.