Better press release steps for a saas company

A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivers a unique business model. Companies relying on software programs pay a subscription fee and then access the cloud-hosted applications. SaaS businesses might offer both products and services others need, but they aren’t in a position to slack with publicity. Keeping potential and current clients informed of news, updates, and more becomes crucial for success. Running a solid public relations campaign helps the cause here.

Here are some things to think about when planning PR campaigns for a SaaS company:

Press Releases Cover Important Material

You don’t want to send out a press release with nothing but trivial information. General updates about “little things” done by the company can appear on a blog or in an email newsletter. Formal press releases, however, shouldn’t go out unless the company has something important to say. The arrival of a brand-new product or crucial upgrade warrant the press release treatment.

The key here is you don’t want to weaken the impact of the press release. Overuse weakens the release and its corresponding message. Only use a press release when you have something vital to say.

Write for the Editors

Press releases can go directly to customers. There’s no limitation to who can receive an official press release. That said, the most essential recipients for a press release are magazine, news website, and trade publication editors. After all, it is called a press release because the material is intended for the press.

If the release doesn’t contain any newsworthy information, don’t expect editors to care much about what it says. Newswire service for press releases requires substance; the story won’t find itself repeated in news form.

Make Sure the Release Promotes Sales

Since a SaaS is a for-profit entity, you want a press release to promote sales. If you aren’t moving product with the press release, then there’s not much value to creating the release. Some exceptions do exist. If the company promotes a charitable endeavor, telling the public would help with building up a positive image. In general, however, you want the press release to move sales in some way. Information about a revolutionary new software program, one the public positively must purchase, would move sales. Details about a minor upgrade won’t likely generate much interest.

Hire a Professional Press Release Writer

The idea that a professional should handle the writing goes without saying. However, some tech firms may think they have staff up to the task of crafting a decent release. Several employees may have experience writing tech manuals and the like. While the experience is valuable, many differences exist between tech writing and press release and publicity content. Turn the work over to someone who knows the right way to put together a press release. Otherwise, the material may come off poorly. A weak press release won’t gain any traction with editors, readers, or anyone, for that matter.

Press releases must serve a purpose. Otherwise, they deliver little more than nice, self-serving words. You want a press release to have an impact. So, make sure things are done right.



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