5 profitable micro SaaS ideas to consider in 2022

A SaaS software has entered the market a while back and immediately got attention from the users due to its agility. It basically offers a cloud-based service where you don’t need to conventionally download some software on your computer and, then run it. Instead, by using it you can access it through a cloud-based service and run it directly from the browser. Now, this is a great technological feat from many perspectives. The software is not limited to a particular type; it can be any sophisticated software or any simple or complicated business app.

However, there are some advantages and disadvantages associated with SaaS-based solutions. It offers great accessibility, flexibility, and compatibility that is required by every user intended to use this software. If you combine all of the above characteristics, it makes it an extremely powerful machine, but on the other end, if the network is down you can’t perform even the basic tasks. So, in this case, every business has to define their priorities before selecting a SaaS solution to integrate into their current or new business idea. Also, the SaaS integration might seem like a great advantage but the extent of success must be measured with every new project. The following are some of the best ideas that can turn the table for many software in 2022.

1. Marketing automation-based SaaS Ideas

Ever since social media has entered the game, it has changed the face of the planet. Now, a person sitting in one corner of the world can befriend someone from the USA quite easily. Where social media has provided a unique opportunity to connect with everyone, it has also become an interesting place for marketing. Because you place your ads where you see masses and when everyone is using a particular platform, then who wouldn’t want to grab the customers from there. Now, social media is a very potential market to invest in and a normal SaaS solution earns up to 58000$ on average. So, the social media market is very much ready to entertain an automated SaaS-based social media marketing solution. 

As it is evident from the name the marketing automation tool would help to automate the marketing procedures including campaign controls to measures efficiency and with that, it can also automate various aspects. Such as email, social media management, ad creation, support, etc. So, in short, this is one of the most potential ideas for the new startups, and of course, if an experienced company would want to ride on the tide of SaaS it would bear great results because of their prior experience. A wonderful example of an existing marketing automation SaaS solution startup is “Duel”.

2. The Tele-Healthcare Ideas

The healthcare needs are as growing as ever and this particular field has not seen a fall ever. This is what makes it extremely potent and when it comes to health people don’t hesitate to spend. That’s why an investment in the right direction can go a long way. A SaaS-based telemedicine program would help a specialist to interact with his patients remotely. According to Fortune Business Insights, telemedicine is about to experience a boom in the upcoming future where the global market of telemedicine would reach $185 billion by 2026. For the new starters, it seems like a goldmine that is just getting ready in the near future. 

The objective of such a platform is to facilitate both healthcare specialists and the patient as well. Because sometimes the human limitation becomes a barrier to helping a patient and the same goes for a patient as well. Therefore, an effective SaaS solution can help them both. It may offer video conferencing, mobile monitoring, and various other features that may evolve with time. A similar example can be seen in the form of Better Help. It is the first of its kind and the largest platform that effectively connects patients and specialists. Teladoc Health acquired this particular platform for $30 million, which is a huge amount that can give you a clear idea about its potential. 

3. SaaS solution for Team communication

The communication needs have always been growing, and now the use of means of communication has become inevitable due to COVID-19. Mankind has never seen such a disaster before because it didn’t damage a particular country or community but its impact is global. That’s exactly why WHO has come up with some very useful tips to stay safe with the core idea to stay distant from others. So, this is where a SaaS-based solution has been offered a unique opportunity to shine. It’s true that the market already has some very effective business solutions, but those platforms were developed in a COVID-free environment and now better solutions are something that should come up with something more specific. 

The mode of use of communication is quite simple, in fact, most people with a smartphone are probably are already doing in daily life. An effective solution should offer video conferencing and it would need some effective tools to interact with other employees. A team needs more than a voice or a video feed that lights up the motivation, you may call it the sense of feeling. Hopefully, some of the new startups might come up with some AI-based revolutionary SaaS solutions to overcome these challenges. 

4. Ideas for Social media management

Social media has become very popular in recent years due to the launch of some very interesting platforms. According to a 2019’s survey, social media account for one-third of the time spent online. This is exactly why social media is a very fertile ground for SaaS solutions. Because is easy to target the user when it’s collected on a single platform. The common social media marketing and management tools would help to streamline the marketing workflow so the content would be delivered to the customers in time without a delay. E.g., Content Cal is a very good example of such a system.

5. Video content editing ideas

It’s true that social media has become the backbone of the internet but there’s one particular type of content that has increased its demand by 157%, and that is none other than video content. The message you are trying to deliver becomes more effective when the targeted person can see it. This opens up a new window for the new startups. Regardless of the presence of magnets, such as Adobe, Nvidia, Autodesk, the market is thirsty for something more, something more agile. Once an automated content generator is created it is going to be so powerful that the magnets will lose their grip over the market. 

There’s no doubt that right now the stage is being prepared for the SaaS-based application. The rule is simple, whoever comes in with a unique idea is going to control the market’s flow, and then a new race will start. A lot of SaaS solutions might face failures because an invention is not called innovation if it is not accepted by the market. Therefore, developing SaaS solutions is the need of the market but the market needs must be analyzed. Because even if you make a flawless system, if no one is going to use this system then, it’s pointless. So, make something that makes people’s life easy.



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