Salsify is a cloud based content management as well as syndication solution provider that helps eCommerce companies, marketing companies, and most importantly sales teams in centralizing, collaborating, and publishing customized product content for all possible channels. This translates in better business discoverability, sales prospects, and customer satisfaction.

4 main features of Salsify are catering content requirements in accordance with unique needs of retailers, ability of creating excellent content by using user-friendly tools, mapping of content needs and publication in all channels, and quick creation and delivery of content as per schedule.

With the help of Salsify, businesses can embrace requirements of specific retailer and accordingly deliver content for meeting those specific needs. Sales teams and marketing professionals need to address consumers’ requirements. In fact, product contents are not created by IT teams but by the ones who visit market. They need user friendly as well as powerful tools for creating content. This is where Salsify helps them.

Salsify helps professionals and businesses identify gaps, direct connections towards their specific needs, and most importantly make the process transparent. This helps them cater to the content needs of tradeshows, marketplaces, retailers, data pools, and others. One of the most important features of Salsify is ability to create content fast and that’s too in an accurate manner so that product content requirement can be delivered on a round the clock basis and on schedule. Therefore, with Salsify by your side, you can convert product management from administrative burden to competitive advantage by creating and publishing high quality content easily and quickly.

All these cutting edge content solutions of Salsify has helped many businesses in meeting their respective endeavors. Some of the most renowned clients of Salsify include Bosch, Marbles, Reckitt Benckiser, Hospira, Energizer, Jarden Corporation, Drive, Rubbermaid, Essendant, Smead, and many more. 

Key Features

  • Store unlimited product attributes for every SKU
  • Configure permission groups and notifications
  • Automatically resize, rename and reformat images
  • One-click export to retailer-specific templates
  • Collaborative content authoring with automated workflows
  • Assess content readiness with scorecards
  • Connect directly to GDSN via 1WorldSync
  • Create customizable, shareable digital catalogs
  • Embed digital catalog for B2B website
  • Analyze digital catalog usage and pageviews
  • Store localized content in any language
  • Full audit trail of all changes made in the system
  • Easy integrations via REST API



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