Clickinvest is the perfect deal finder for investors. Their real estate estimator tool analyses the investment options thoroughly and displays the most profitable deals in an area. With a team of expert analysts, it multiplies the probability of sealing a profitable deal. Their website also lets investors find and track a deal, and connect with active brokers who can help close it. For brokers, the tool does heavy lifting and ensures a free flow of clients. It’s a game-changer in the real estate industry.

Real estate estimator tool, Clickinvest is an innovative platform that uses proprietary algorithms to analyze and value different investment options and sorts out the best candidate properties for its subscribers. Both investors and brokers can benefit from their accurate but cost-effective way of valuing the properties in Chicago. The tool offers better accuracy and increases the chances of higher returns on investments.

Based in Chicago, Clickinvest is an innovative real estate platform created by industry experts Rosario Terracciano and Jeff Kershner, who have been a part of over 6000 property investments in the Midwest. The platform indentifies the most profitable investment opportunities for its subscribers. It is a shared platform for both brokers and investors who can connect with each other to seal a deal. It’s the perfect deal finder and deal tracker for investors with a limited inventory who are looking for profitable deals in Chicago’s competitive market.

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