ZippySig is an email signature generator which helps you make HTML email signatures very quickly. Email signatures are a great marketing tool, and a good looking email signature certainly helps. ZippySig offers a 7-day free trial where you can test out all of the features for free. Making an email signature is extremely easy with the editor. Some of the available features include choosing your font, font color, italics or bold, spacing between logo and text and many others. Creating HTML signatures manually takes a lot of time and testing to make sure they work correctly. ZippySig has done all the extensive testing already and this means that you can simply create your signature and rest assured that it will work with all email clients.

ZippySig offers multiple payment plans, which means it caters for all size businesses and requirements. The most basic plan costs only $4 per month, which will get you 10 email signatures in your dashboard at any one time. You can also use ZippySig if you are a web designer or if you create email signatures for a living. There are many custom options available, so even if your client asks you for a complex email signature with many different sections, ZippySig can do that. You will also get instructions on how to install your email signature onto your email client, which you can forward onto your customer if you wish.

Overall, ZippySig is easy to use and could save you some time if you are looking to make yourself or your whole business an email signature.

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