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QuillBot is a multifunctional AI writing tool that helps you write clearly and concisely. It’s primarily a paraphrasing tool that uses artificial intelligence to assist you in improving your writing. 

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Pricing ModelSubscriber based
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review new │ QuillBot Overview

If you’re seeking to improve the quality of your writing without spending hours on an article, QuillBot is the perfect solution.

QuillBot is a multifunctional AI writing tool that enables users to write clearly and concisely. It’s primarily a paraphrasing tool that employs artificial intelligence to assist you in rewriting and improving your writing. 

Continue reading to learn more about QuillBot and see if it’s a good fit for you.

QuillBot – Best for Content Writers
QuillBot is a fantastic tool for content creators. It helps create clear, engaging articles that will rank highly in search engines. 

pros and cons new │ QuillBot Pros and Cons

First and foremost, let us examine the main pros and cons of Quillbot. These benefits and drawbacks will help you determine whether this is the right software for you. 

QuillBot Pros

tick new Access features for free

You can sign up and use Quillbot for free. Quillbot’s free plan includes all of its main features besides the plagiarism checker. 

tick new Import and export documents 

You can easily import existing documents and work on them using the QuillBot website or an extension. After you’ve made your changes, you can export your documents for maximum efficiency. 

tick new Interface is clean and user-friendly

QuillBot’s interface is easy to navigate. The dashboard is well organized and contains all of the applications or links you could need. 

tick new Modify the tone of your text

You can change the tone of your text by selecting one of several modes. Standard, fluency, formal, simple, creative, expand, and shorten options are available. 

tick new Use keyboard shortcuts 

The Hotkeys option brings up a list of useful keyboard shortcuts. You can use these to expedite the editing process. 

tick new Freeze certain words

If you don’t want the AI to change certain words, you can freeze them. QuillBot can be prevented from changing nouns, quotations, or other irreplaceable parts of your text. 

tick new Protects your data

QuillBot prioritizes member security and privacy. They always follow privacy and data regulations.

tick new Provides various extensions

QuillBot can be installed in Microsoft Word or Google Docs. This means you can make changes to the original document without having to import or export it through QuillBot. 

QuillBot Cons

cons new There are word and page limits

The amount of data that QuillBot can process at once is limited. This is 125 per month for the paraphraser and 20 pages per month for the plagiarism checker. 

cons new Only supports one language

QuillBot currently supports only one language, English. It only supports three dictionaries: British, American, and Australian. 

QuillBot AdvantagesQuillBot Disadvantages
plus new Host of free featuresminus new Content restrictions
plus new Import/export filesminus new Limited languages
plus new Clean interface
plus new Various tonal options
plus new Hotkeys option
plus new Freeze words
plus new Data protection
plus new QuillBot extensions

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Why wait? Try QuillBot Today!

QuillBot helps millions of people rewrite and enhance any sentence, paragraph, or article. It uses cutting-edge AI to help you write better, faster, and more clearly!

what new │ What is QuillBot?

QuillBot is a writing tool powered by artificial intelligence that assists users in improving the quality of their work. It includes a paraphraser, grammar checker, plagiarism checker, co-writer, summarizer, and citation generator, among other features.

QuillBot has been tried and trusted by students, professional writers, and business people looking to improve their writing skills. It’s used by over 50 million people worldwide and can save an average time of 75% per writing project. 

QuillBot uses technology to automate writing tasks, allowing you to focus on what you write rather than how you should write it. 

point new Since 2017, QuillBot has amassed over 50 million loyal users. 
point new Save vital time on projects with QuillBot’s intelligent tools.
point new QuillBot has everything you need to write precise and accurate articles. 
point new QuillBot uses AI to help you make improvements in seconds.

how new │ How Does QuillBot Work?

You can get started with QuillBot right away by going to their website. Work directly from the site or download an MS Word or Chrome extension. 

The dashboard contains all the tools you could need, and you can upgrade to premium to gain access to additional features. All you have to do is choose the tool you want to use, enter your text, and let QuillBot work its magic!

You can access the paraphraser, summarizer, and citation generator in the free version. You can choose between various modes for the paraphraser depending on the purpose and audience of your project. The summarizer condenses your text into key sentences or a paragraph. The citation generator converts URLs, book titles, and journals into academic citations. 

In the premium version, you also get access to the plagiarism checker and the co-writer feature. The plagiarism checker compares your text against billions of sources for unintentional copying. The co-writer functions similarly to a writing assistant, auto-completing sentences and suggesting changes as you write.

feature new │ QuillBot Features

Now that we’re familiar with what QuillBot is, how it works, and its pros and cons, let’s discuss some of its primary features. 

point new Paraphraser

The paraphraser is the biggest selling point for QuillBot. It restructures, reorganizes, and alters sentences without compromising the overall text. It has various modes, some of which increase formality; some add extra words; others shorten the text. 


point new Summarizer

The summarizer can condense articles, papers, or documents down to key sentences or short paragraphs. The AI uses natural language processing to isolate critical information and dismiss the rest.


point new Citation Generator

The citation generator allows users to create APA, MLA, and Chicago-style full and in-text citations instantly. If you don’t have the source on hand, you can look up the book or website from inside QuillBot. QuillBot even keeps a list of your citations for future reference. 

Citation Generator

point new Co-Writer

QuillBot’s Co-Writer is a comprehensive tool that allows you to paraphrase, grammar check, access tips, and search the web all in one place. You can keep notes alongside your project, and all your work is saved in the cloud. 


point new Plagiarism Checker

The Plagiarism tool checks that you have correctly attributed authorship if you have included text from existing sources. It gives you an accurate report of all instances of plagiarized writing and a score. QuillBot allows you to scan for plagiarism in over 100 languages. 

Plagiarism Checker

Why Do We Need to Use QuillBot?

point new Cutting-edge algorithm helps you produce high-quality content. point new Suitable for content writers, screenwriters, students, etc. 
point new Improves documents down to the finest detail. point new Available online or through MS Word, Chrome, and Google Docs.
point new Uncluttered interface that is easy to navigate. point new Application is handy for non-English natives writing in English. 

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QuillBot Can Work For Your Business!

Are you tired of struggling to find the right words or hitting a mental block in your writing? QuillBot is a simple and effective solution to help you create outstanding pieces of work.

who new │ Who Should Use QuillBot?

QuillBot is suitable for anybody writing for personal use, studies, or work. Depending on your project, you can specify your writing purpose and switch between modes. The simplicity of this application means that it’s accessible to anyone, regardless of whether you have previous experience with similar software or not. 

point new Students

QuillBot is perfect for students wanting to improve their writing skills. The plagiarism checker and citation generator are excellent academic tools. They help students reference their work correctly and thus avoid being penalized for avoidable errors. 

point new Writers

Whether you’re a content writer, screenwriter, blogger, or social media marketer, QuillBot is a great addition to your arsenal. When writing masses of text in a short period, it’s easy to make grammatical errors or typos. QuillBot helps identify errors and ensure your work is clear, accurate, and fluent. 

point new Teachers

QuillBot is a great tool for teachers to incorporate into their classrooms. It can help students improve the quality of their work in record time. QuillBot doesn’t just identify errors. It also explains the errors and can be used as an educational device. It can also help students condense their work and prepare for academic writing in higher education.  

point new QuillBot can be used in any setting, be it professional or personal. 
point new It’s excellent for academic writing and can help students avoid unnecessary penalties. 
point new Marketing teams use QuillBot to produce concise and impactful articles. 

QuillBot Logo

Use QuillBot for Creative Writing!

QuillBot’s ‘creative mode’ transforms your text dramatically to make it more exciting and impactful. This could be used for authors, screenwriters, or bloggers.

cost and time new │ QuillBot Time and Cost

QuillBot’s innovative technology means that it generates results in a matter of seconds. Lightning-fast results mean you can create, edit, and perfect content faster than ever. You can even accept all of QuillBot’s grammatical suggestions at once.

Many users are more than happy to use the free version of QuillBot, thanks to its comprehensive feature set. However, if you want to maximize the quality of your writing, you can opt for the premium plan.

usability new │ QuillBot Usability

QuillBot is incredibly simple to use. It has a very straightforward dashboard, and all of its features require minimal effort. It can simplify the writing process immensely and is suitable for anyone to use, regardless of their writing or technical aptitude.

pricing new │ QuillBot Pricing

QuillBoot keeps its pricing structure very simple. There are two plans: free and premium. You can pause your subscription at any point, and there’s a 100% money-back guarantee within 3 days of purchase. 

point new Free

The free plan allows you to use the paraphraser but is limited to 125 words at a time and two modes (standard and fluency). You can only access three synonyms for words and freeze one word or phrase per project. You also get access to the summarizer, but there is a 1,200-word limit. 

point new Premium

The premium plan allows unlimited words in the paraphrase and 6,000 for the summarizer. It gives you access to all 7 modes, 4 synonym options, and unlimited freeze words and phrases. It has a faster processing speed, advanced grammar rewrites, and a comparison mode. It also provides access to the plagiarism checker. Premium is $99.95 per year, $79.95 per six-month period, or $19.95 per month. 

Subscription Plans
point new Free Version$0 
point new Premium $99.95 per year.
$79.95 per 6 months.
$19.95 per month.

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Get Started With QuillBot Today!

QuillBot is the only product on the market that offers such a range of tools for free. Don’t hesitate. Get started with QuillBot today!

tools new │ QuillBot Business Tools

If you’re writing professionally, for example, on behalf of a business, QuillBot can help. 

point new Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism can cause all sorts of issues for professional writers. Not only does it reflect poorly on the writer, but it could also have legal repercussions. QuillBot’s plagiarism checker relieves the pressure by performing in-depth scans and notifying you of any issues in your text. 

point new Shorten Mode

For content writers, clients often provide a very rigid word count. The shorten mode within the paraphrasing tool is excellent for those trying to be more economical with their words. 

point new Grammar Checker

When writing professionally, grammatical errors can often go unnoticed. This could lead to your business publishing incorrect text on your website or emails. QuillBot’s grammar checker gives fast and accurate suggestions to perfect your writing and avoid embarrassing slip-ups. 

point new Affiliate Program

If you’re a fan of QuillBot and have people around you that you feel would benefit from it, why not join the affiliate program? All you need to do is sign up, share a URL with your network, and you could earn big money. 

Points to Note
point new QuillBot can attract customers with beautifully written content. 
point new Grammatical errors can reflect poorly on businesses, but QuillBot can help.
point new Content writers can increase their output with QuillBot.
point new QuillBot’s paraphraser can rewrite text to sound more professional and formal. 

example new │ QuillBot Use Cases

There are many real-life applications for QuillBot. Below, we will discuss some of QuillBot’s most compelling use cases. 

point new Writing a cover letter

QuillBot has various educational blog posts, including a comprehensive guide to writing a cover letter. This article provides a step-by-step guide and various templates to help you get started. You can refer to QuillBot’s writing tools to ensure perfect grammar, appropriate language, and an organized layout during the writing process. 

point new Citing an academic essay

Whether you’re in school or higher education, QuillBot is an excellent tool for students. The citation generator allows you to search for online sources and correctly cite them. This, in turn, helps avoid plagiarism and academic penalties. They also have a guide that explains the basics of citations. 

point new Creating marketing emails

QuillBot has a guide to help you balance a professional and casual voice in your email marketing campaigns. Their paraphrasing tool allows you to select a specific tone and is an excellent addition to any marketing tool. With QuillBot, you can write an engaging text that pulls your reader in but remains professional.

support new │ QuillBot Support

If you’re struggling to get to grips with QuillBot, do not fear! They have an excellent range of informative and educational resources to help. 

The QuillBot help center features in-depth guides for every tool that they provide. There’s also information about user accounts, payments, extensions, data privacy, and more. They have a handy FAQ page, which covers essential queries. 

If you need further support, you can access QuillBot’s extensive range of blog posts. There are blogs for improving your writing skills and using QuillBot’s tools. There are guides to academic writing, content writers’ resources, and even story-writing advice. 

You can contact QuillBot directly by sending them a message/query on their website. 

QuillBot Support
point new Support is available from the QuillBot range of educational resources
point new Use the QuillBot FAQ page to answer your essential queries
point new Rad QuillBot’s extensive range of blog posts
point new Contact QuillBot using the messaging service on the website
Alternative to QuillBot – WordAi
WordAI uses AI to create high-quality content indistinguishable from human content. It improves the quality and clarity of sentences to ensure your articles get noticed. It allows users to amplify their content, extend their budget, and scale their business.
Comparing QuillBot to WordAi
Although QuillBot and WordAI are similar software products, there are some key differences. QuillBot generally ranks higher than WordAI because it has more features and is a better value for money. WordAI doesn’t offer a free plan and is relatively expensive.

conclusion new │ Conclusion

QuillBot is an excellent writing tool that can increase productivity ten-fold. It helps you rewrite your text to be more precise and concise without compromising its quality or meaning. 

QuillBot offers various features, most of which are entirely free. However, it’s worth investing in the premium version if you’re producing a high volume of articles regularly. 

Combining artificial intelligence with innovative writing tools has allowed QuillBot to create a truly unique platform. The team behind QuillBot is passionate about helping their customers improve their writing skills, which is reflected in the range of educational blogs.

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Try QuillBot Now!

QuillBot is the ideal solution for professional writers who are desperate to avoid letting minor errors slip through the cracks. You’ve got nothing to lose, so why not try QuillBot now?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

QuillBot is a paraphrasing tool that allows users to write accurate and concise emails, social media posts, essays, or any other type of content. It checks for grammar mistakes, gets rid of unnecessary words, checks for plagiarism, and generates citations.

QuillBot can be used by everyone, regardless of age, writing ability, or job. It’s most commonly used by students and content writers who want to condense their writing and check for errors.

Yes, QuillBot is free. All you need to do is go to the QuillBot website and start typing. Quillbot’s basic tools are free, but you can access upgrades and perks through the Premium plan.

Yes. Under Quillbot’s premium plan, they offer a comprehensive plagiarism checker. This compares your text against millions of online sources to check for instances of plagiarism. However, you can only check 20 pages per month, which may be too restrictive for professional writers.