Superflows is a software that allows users to build and deploy an AI Copilot in a day. It connects to your API, letting users get answers and perform tasks via chat. With Superflows integrated, users always have access to a product expert to help them get the most from your software. The control dashboard makes setting up and configuring your product assistant easy, and the AI copilot improves user experience, leading to more users being activated, sticking around, and closing deals through your CRM product.

Superflows Facts

Pricing Model:Per User
Free Trial:No
Free Version:Yes

Superflows Pros & Cons

+Build and deploy in a day
+Easy to set up and configure
+Lets non-technical teams solve problems

What is Superflows?

Superflows is an AI Copilot platform that allows users to build and deploy an AI Copilot in a day. It connects to the user’s API, enabling users to get answers and perform tasks via chat.

The platform is integrated with the user’s software, providing users with access to a product expert to help them maximize the use of the software. It offers a control dashboard that makes setting up and configuring the product assistant easy.

Users can evaluate the assistant before deploying it, connect to their API from the playground, and then integrate the assistant into their codebase with a few lines of code. The AI Copilot enhances user experience by simplifying interactions, leading to increased user activation, retention, and successful deal closures through the CRM product.

Superflows is a powerful tool for integrating AI Copilots into software, enhancing user experience, and enabling non-technical teams to address complex customer issues effectively. The platform’s ease of integration and positive user testimonials make it a promising solution for businesses seeking to leverage AI technology to improve their software offerings.


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