Cardinal is an AI-powered product backlog software that helps businesses keep track of their ideas and features. It allows users to sync customer data from their CRM and CS tools, map customer feedback to actual features, and prioritize features based on their dollar value and business impact. With Cardinal, businesses can align their GTM, product, and engineering teams, and discover revenue opportunities by calculating and forecasting the revenue value for each feature.


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Cardinal Pros & Cons

+Syncs customer data and feedback
+Exports APIs and integrates with Slack
+Supports live features progress and status

What is Cardinal?

Cardinal is a next-gen B2B SaaS company that focuses on helping businesses better understand their customers and manage their product backlog.

Key features and aspects of Cardinal include:

  • Customer Knowledge: Cardinal allows users to sync customers’ data from their CRM and customer support tools, providing insights into customer worth, deal stage, and feedback.
  • Product Management: The platform helps align sales, marketing, and engineering teams by keeping ideas and features up-to-date with their dollar value, business impact, and progress. It also allows users to group features into initiatives and prioritize them based on their impact areas.
  • Product AI: Cardinal uses artificial intelligence to identify needs and features in customer feedback calls and messages, exporting APIs and automatically creating tickets for further action.
  • Revenue KPIs: The platform provides smart revenue KPIs to understand current and future ARR, as well as calculating and forecasting revenue value for each feature.
  • Live Features Progress: Cardinal offers auto-synced feature status and dates from their source of truth, allowing users to track the progress of in-development features.
  • Integration: The platform can be integrated with various tools, such as Slack, and can be added to existing product strategies.

Cardinal is a comprehensive solution for managing a B2B SaaS product backlog, offering a wide range of features to help businesses better understand their customers and streamline their product development process. The platform is praised by experts for its user-friendly interface and valuable insights.


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