AITable is an AI software that allows users to build AI agents with tables in just one click. It is a codeless and effortless tool that helps users turn tables into AI chatbots and embed AI copilot widgets on their websites. AITable is currently in private beta and is free to adopt, making it an accessible and powerful tool for anyone interested in AI engineering.

AlTable Facts

Pricing Model:Per User
Free Trial:No
Free Version:Yes

AlTable Pros & Cons

+1-click AI Chatbot generation
+Codeless and effortless AI agent creation
+AI Copilot widget integration for websites

What is AlTable?

AITable is a platform that allows users to build AI agents with a table in just one click. The platform is currently in private beta and offers a free trial for early adopters.

Some key features of AITable include:

  • Codeless: AITable enables users to create AI agents without the need for coding.
  • Effortless: The platform simplifies the process of building AI agents, making it accessible for users with varying levels of technical expertise.
  • Smart: AITable leverages AI to help users create more efficient and effective AI agents.
  • Free: AITable offers a free trial for users to test the platform before committing to a paid plan.

AITable’s approach to building AI agents is innovative and user-friendly, allowing developers to focus on other aspects of their projects while the platform takes care of the AI integration. The platform’s AI Copilot widget can be embedded on websites, and it has garnered paid customers and GitHub stars to showcase its credibility and stability. The platform also supports online editing table data, making it easy for users to work with their data.

AITable is a promising platform for building AI agents with minimal effort and without the need for coding. Its user-friendly approach and innovative features make it an attractive option for developers and businesses looking to leverage AI technology in their projects.


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