Abbot is a customer success software that acts as a copilot for businesses. It integrates with popular ticketing systems like Zendesk and GitHub, and can be trained on your documentation to respond to customer inquiries. Abbot monitors conversations in your support channels and ensures that customers receive timely responses, while also providing automatic summarization and suggested next steps.


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Abbot Facts

Pricing Model:Per User
Free Trial:Yes
Free Version:No

Abbot Pros & Cons

+SOC 2 compliant
+Integrates with ticketing systems
+Customizable with C, JavaScript, or Python

What is Abbot?

Abbot is a customer success tool that integrates with Slack and popular ticketing systems like Zendesk and GitHub. It monitors customer conversations in support channels and ensures timely responses.

The tool can be trained on documentation and respond to customer questions. It offers automatic summarization and suggested next steps, and automatically tags conversations for easy reference.

Abbot reports on team responsiveness and is SOC 2 compliant for data safety. Users can create and run custom scripts in C, JavaScript, or Python.

The tool offers a 14-day free trial and is easy to set up with just a few clicks.


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