A.V. Mapping

A.V. Mapping

A.V. Mapping offers an AI-powered music and sound search engine that can find the perfect match for video and images uploaded by users. The AI can also find music based on emotion, genre, musicality, and reference music, and can even generate music and sound effects from text, scripts, plot summaries, and cue sheets. The website also offers a profit-sharing model, customized pricing, non-exclusive contracts, and transparent transactions for creators and musicians.

A.V. Mapping

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A.V. Mapping Facts

Pricing Model:Per User
Free Trial:No
Free Version:Yes

A.V. Mapping Pros & Cons

+Transparent transactions
+Customized pricing

What Is A.V. Mapping?

A.V. Mapping is a one-stop AI video music mapping and licensing platform that connects content creators with musicians and protects copyrights. The platform uses patented AI and blockchain technology to shorten the music-for-video search and licensing process by 2,000 times.

A.V. Mapping is also an award-winning platform with SFX and audio editing capabilities that is changing media. The platform empowers musicians to set prices and track their sales, while also protecting their rights and connecting them with buyers and sellers automatically through algorithms.

Overall, A.V. Mapping seems to be a useful platform for content creators and musicians looking to streamline the music licensing process and protect their intellectual property.