Ubeya is an incomparable workforce management solution that allows managers to schedule, deploy, mange, track, organize, pay and hire temporary or hourly staff. The all-in-one platform is both web and mobile friendly. The Ubeya software and app brings employers and employees closer together and allows businesses to run their operations more smoothly through our key features:

Admins can schedule shifts directly from their phone, build and sync smart schedules within minutes using updated staff availability, and continue to make shift changes based on managerial and staffing needs.

Time Tracking
The mobile time clock enables staff to clock in and out of work, shifts, and break times. Automated reminders are sent so that shifts stay organized. The GPS feature ensures that staff clock in within a set range so that working hours and locations remain accurate.

Easily communicate with remote employees. Keep staff instantly updated on any shift changes, broadcast messages to the whole team, or send individual chat messages. The app also allows team members to connect with one another and take advantage of additional highlights like the carpool feature.

Hiring More Staff
As part of Ubeya’s staffing solution, admins can use the app to directly hire more employees. The job parameters and staffing needs are defined by the admin and reliable and high-quality staff can then be hired and booked.

Payroll Calculation
Quickly access and analyze accurate payroll reports for hired staff by shift, position and global rate. The app automatically calculates different rates and dynamic wages.

Review & Feedback
Review staff performance and ratings, overall feedback, and project the cost of future expenses through a post-production overview.

Key Features

  • Simple Scheduling
  • Time Tracking
  • Easy Communication
  • Staffing Solution
  • Payroll Calculation
  • Review & Feedback



Starting from:
$2/active user/month
Free Trial:


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