Organimi is the easiest way to create, edit, print, and share organizational charts.

~ automatically have your chart created for you by importing a csv file outlining employee information & reporting IDs. Leave the frustrating drawing tools behind!
~ easily edit your chart by re-uploading csv file with new info.
~ photoboard & directory automatically created from employee roster.
~ store unique information, including text and links, using custom fields. Choose to have these fields displayed or hidden on different versions of your chart using custom views.
~ print using 50 different types of paper sizes on one page or split up into multiple pages.
~ drag & drop roles to easily change who is reporting to who.
~ supports many different role types such as single, shared, assistant, department, and multiple reports using dotted line reporting.
~ easily share your chart, photoboard, and directory organization wide with private email invitations, a bulk URL link, or iFrame embedding into your company's intranet. Choose whether individuals you share the chart with are able to just view the chart, or be able to edit as well. You can also give users the option to be able to export & print.
~ share the workload with coworkers by adding multiple admins so you can edit & maintain the chart together.
~ custom formatting functionality includes colorizing roles, changing the size of photos & boxes, changing the font size, type, and colour, changing the thickness of the connectors.

Key Features

  • automatic creation through CSV import
  • custom fields
  • drag and drop
  • photoboard
  • directory
  • export to PDF, PNG, or CSV
  • print
  • share via email, URL, or iFrame
  • multiple admins
  • LinkedIn integration



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