NCheck Bio Attendance

NCheck Bio Attendance
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NCheck Bio Attendance is an end-user biometric system designed to automate attendance control in a wide range of business applications, from employee time tracking to check-in at events, clubs, clinics, public and commercial facilities.

Designed for installation on a desktop computer or laptop or tablet (PC) that is running under Microsoft Windows. Also can be used on Android-based smartphones or tablets.
NCheck Bio Attendance is biometric attendance software developed by using industry recognized Neurotechnology biometric algorithms. They are award-winning industry standard compliant biometric software. It can provide you a guarantee about the employee attendance accuracy in your biometric attendance management system.

NCheck Bio Attendance biometric attendance management software supports range of industry standard compliant biometric readers. You can select the best face, fingerprint or iris capture devices for your biometric attendance system. If you need face attendance system or fingerprint attendance system or iris attendance system or a multi biometric attendance system with any combination, you can easily select reliable biometric capture hardware from the open market to use with NCheck Bio Attendance.
NCheck Bio Attendance can be installed on standard windows and android devices in the open market. You can install NCheck Bio Attendance in a Windows PC to create a Windows PC biometric attendance device or in a Windows tablet device to create Windows biometric attendance device or in an Android device to create Android attendance device. One more advantage in case of a need for Face Attendance system, NCheck Bio Attendance can use web cams in PCs and laptops and android device built-in cameras.

NCheck Bio Attendance provides several features to cater for modern work force attendance management. It can manage employee attendance and work as a mobile attendance system for employees such as site workers, mobile sales force. NCheck Bio Attendance can also perform employee location tracking with the time and attendance events.

Key Features

  • Face, fingerprint and iris biometrics protect against errors or user fraud.
  • Advance Reports generation for users' attendance.
  • GPS logging for remote employee location tracking.
  • Webcams, all major models of fingerprint readers and iris scanners supp
  • Cloud, client-server and stand-alone architectures.
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) support.
  • Database synchronization for remote locations.
  • Employee groups and configurable shifts.




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