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Compliance Fox is a private, cloud-based application available via a web browser. Our software enables businesses to manage and report on workforce compliance, safety and competencies.

We built Compliance Fox for high-risk or highly regulated workforces of 50 to 10,000 employees, contractors or volunteers. We work with businesses in mining, construction, logistics, aged care, education and child care and other industries. We assist these businesses to gain visibility of current and upcoming compliance gaps across their workforce.

We help businesses to track any workforce requirement they deem internally to be a 'compliance level' requirement. These requirements most commonly include policies, inductions, qualifications, training records, safe work procedures, risk assessments and insurances.

So how does it work?

Firstly, the business decides on the types of information and requirements that they'd like to monitor across their workforce. We then assist the system administrator to add each of these requirements to the system. This is a simple process and additional requirements can be added at any stage in the future. There is also no limit to the amount of requirements that can be added to the system.

Secondly, the business decides which 'Groups' they'd like to create. Groups act like job families, and are a way of categorising the workforce in order to assign different requirements to different groups. For example, people in the 'Fire Warden' group, can be assigned the 'Fire Warden Training' requirement.

Thirdly, people (employees, contractors, volunteers) are added to the system, and placed into one or more groups. Following our Fire Warden example, John Smith is an employee who is in the 'Fire Warden' group. John (along with any other people in the group) now has an outstanding 'Fire Warden Training' requirement on his profile. As this requirement is outstanding for John, it is deemed a 'Compliance Alert'. For John, a record can be stored on his profile against this requirement. A piece of evidence from the real world (a scanned pdf or image) can be uploaded to the record and other information can be included such as the achievement date of the training, and the date on which the training will need to be renewed (if applicable). This has now solved this particular alert for John, but the system will flag this as an alert once again as the expiry date of the record approaches. Managers can be granted permissions in the system to see some or all Groups. This allows managers to receive daily reports from Compliance Fox, listing any upcoming or outstanding compliance alerts for those people for whom they are responsible.
There is much more that Compliance Fox is capable of, so be sure to book a demo at

Key Features

  • Automated reporting
  • Multi-level login permission
  • Secure, cloud-based record storage
  • Private, customisable application
  • Intelligent dashboard
  • SMS capability
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Australian-based
  • Simple implementation
  • Custom Features



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