CloudRadar empowers IT admins to easily setup a fully featured monitoring for their public and private IT infrastructure within a few minutes without need for additional knowledge or software. Regardless if your IT is running on Windows, Linux or VMware.

This way they can to detect, diagnose and resolve issues before users even realise a problem.

With CloudRadar we’re drastically simplifying IT monitoring. For the past 10 years we solved so many monitoring issues for ourselves and others, that we felt, we need to put all that experience into an application. Because the downtimes we experienced were quite costly, killed team productivity created lots of stress for the IT team - and setting up common monitoring was extremely time intense and left us sleepless with false alarms until we had gotten it right.

All in One SaaS Application
That’s why we created - a service which monitors an entire business IT infrastructure via one application. From web servers to intranet servers, applications and devices - regardless if they are in the office or in the cloud. All in one SaaS application, 5 min to the first setup, all typical server environments preconfigured. Different alert options. Saving you lots of work - and giving back sleep.

CloudRadar is a hybrid between a proven and reliable open source software core and a modern, lean SaaS solution which gets your monitoring setup going in minutes instead of weeks. And fitting even into small IT budgets.

Monitoring should not be constrained by time or budget.

Key Features

  • server monitoring
  • intranet monitoring
  • web monitoring
  • guided configuration
  • 7 alert channels
  • simple and fast setp



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