Toonimo is a unique SaaS platform that gives a human touch to web experience and provides in-store service oriented customer experience to digital channels of a business. This platform is used in multiple industries and is most popular in eCommerce industry, followed by travel and hospitality, telecommunication, and financial services. Solutions you will get here can be categorized into three main categories including customer service & support, marketing, and training & onboarding.

In the eCommerce industry section, you will get multiple features for bringing customer experience to digital stores which is similar to the ones experienced in real stores. Human voice can be added along with annotations for improving user experience and thereby increase user engagement. A business can provide customized in-store experience to the online shoppers and thereby promote self service. On one hand, it will lessen the works of the IT department of a business as well as customer care executives and on the other it will give better in-store experience to the online customers.

You can use Toonimo for navigating the customers to explore deeper into the website for better customer satisfaction and enhance their shopping experience. By humanizing web user experience through enhanced engagement of digital walkthroughs businesses can increase repeat customers by enhancing customer loyalty. You can also present offers and at the same time showcase products by utilizing Toonimo. 

Key Features

  • User Personalization
  • Human Voice
  • Custom graphic annotations
  • Custom-built messaging
  • Behavior based triggers
  • Complete Analytics Dashboard
  • Fully adaptive for Mobile
  • Seamless integration
  • A/B testing for different scripts
  • Editor
  • Full multilingual support



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