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Email development is anything but simple, which is why we’ve set out to create an email QA platform that makes it easy for marketers and developers to perfect their emails. We’ll help you find and fix email mistakes, even if you don’t know HTML, so you can improve your email marketing campaigns and boost ROI.

• Campaign Precheck – Whether you know HTML or not, our new Campaign Precheck tool gives you the power to fix email mistakes while you QA, so you can create a message that every subscriber can read and understand. Campaign Precheck checks your email for accessibility standards, validates URLs and images, and allows you to preview your preheader text in the most popular email clients.

• Email Previews and Testing – Save time and drive revenue by testing your email before you hit “send.” Email on Acid lets you preview your email design across 70+ email clients and devices, so you know how your email will look before it hits the inbox.

• Spam Testing – Make sure your message hits the inbox, not the spam folder. We’ll give you the power to check your email against 23 of the most popular spam filters and 72 of the most common blacklist services, so you can fix any issues before you hit “send.”

• Email Analytics – Analyze your email’s performance and learn more about your subscribers, so you can send better email campaigns and improve ROI.

• Email Editor – Save time with a streamlined email editing and testing process. There’s no need to switch back and forth between a text editor and our testing platform – just make edits in our Email Editor and test the code changes in real time.

Key Features

  • Email Testing
  • Email Marketing
  • Email Previews
  • Spam Testing
  • Email Analytics
  • Email Link Validation
  • Deliverability
  • Email Accessibility Testing
  • Email Image Check
  • Email URL Check
  • Email Preheader Preview



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