Take control of customer disputes in with Chargeback, the only tool you need to automate chargeback Responses and enable Alerts. Understand your situation, recover lost revenue, and protect your merchant account now.

Chargeback will use your customer's transactional data and behavior on your site to quickly craft comprehensive and compelling chargeback responses for your merchant account limiting your cost of fraud and improving your bottom line.

Integrate in Minutes, Without Setup Fees
Get started by connecting your merchant accounts to have existing and past disputes provide immediate insight.

Visualize Your Merchant Account Data
Enjoy a bird's eye view of your merchant account activity visualized with graphs, charts and KPIs that make sense.

Glean Insights and Spot Trends
Robust analytics and reporting drive business decisions. Pivot and improve your operations to prevent chargebacks.

Generate Chargeback Responses
Click a button or automatically generate comprehensive, properly formatted, somewhat anal Chargeback Responses.

Enable Alerts to Protect Your Ratio
Check a box to enable Chargeback Alerts from issuers and intercept new chargebacks before they get to the network.

Don’t scratch your head when customers dispute a purchase. Instead, automate the chargeback response process and recover revenue for your business.

Gain understanding with Chargeback Reporting.

Reporting Dashboard. The Chargeback PrestaShop module allows you to get started with Chargeback Reporting right away. Your transactional data is transformed into a visual masterpiece in the Chargeback dashboard.

Business Intelligence. With the Chargeback Reporting dashboard, your team is equipped with the visual data, notification, and insights they need to make informed business decisions.

Security. Chargeback uses SSL technology to enable encryption of sensitive information, including passwords and credit card numbers. Firewalls, penetration testing, and Amazon Cloud Services (AWS) ensure your data is secure at all times.

Recover lost revenue with Chargeback Responses.

Automate Responses. Create automated comprehensive and timely chargeback responses with custom workflows that recover more lost revenue with less effort in a shorter period of time.

Integrations. Compelling evidence from all your commerce stack elements is aggregated to present the strongest case possible against disputes.

A/B Testing. Continuously improve and tweak responses to positively impact win rates and recovered revenue.

Workflows. Notify key people or automate a response based on transactional details that you determine.

Templates. Start with a template based on the reason code, product, and processor to save time when generating chargeback responses.

Quality Assurance. Our team of expert chargeback analysts double-checks every response to make sure the documentation is complete, accurate, and formatted to the reason code and processor specifications.

Aligned Interests. Using our chargeback expertise and your industry-specific expertise, we constantly refine rules and workflows to ensure you’re deriving the highest return possible from our solution.

Protect merchant accounts with Chargeback Alerts.

Coverage. All card issuers (banks) participating in Chargeback Alerts are immediately available.

Workflows. Create notifications, require manual reviews, and drive other pertinent actions with predetermined workflows.

Business Rules. Define when refunds are issued, billing is canceled, gift cards are deactivated, customers are blacklisted, and more.

Key Features

  • Automated Chargeback Responses
  • Automated Chargeback Alert Management
  • Advanced Chargeback Reporting
  • Recover Lost Revenue
  • Protect Merchant Account



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% of Recovered Revenue
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