Bluestone PIM


Bluestone PIM is a 100% API-based SaaS platform for Product Information Management. It is a must-have for a successful omnichannel sales and marketing strategy. Bluestone PIM scales well and allows your team to quickly develop rich product information and to integrate with a range of third-party business software. No more scattered product information, product inconsistencies or spreadsheet battles! You can create a consistent experience for your customers across all sales channels with one dedicated PIM solution. You can finally ensure reliable product information is displayed correctly towards them. So, replace your in-house built product information system with Bluestone PIM and enjoy its advantages.
With Bluestone PIM you can harness your team’s expertise, knowledge and collective effort to one place and watch how quality product information comes together. Your whole team can get involved and enrich product information in a meaningful and rewarding way. You can create tasks, delegate and monitor task completion. Save time with automated rules and processes.
Bluestone PIM supports tag values and a flexible hierarchy of products. You can create as many product categories and subcategories as you need. Assign category level attributes to conveniently validate products within a category, in bulk or individually.
Bluestone PIM is ideal for e-commerce. You can maximize your profits by setting up relationships between products on various levels. You can link related products or accessories and enable other kinds of product-to-product relations, such as upsell, cross-sell or bundles.

Key Features

  • Product enrichment
  • Import and export
  • Collaboration
  • Staging
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Bulk editing
  • Permissions
  • Dashboard and analytics
  • API and webhooks
  • E-commerce extensions
  • Integrations
  • Translation and market support



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