Cycles is a visual feedback and approval tool for web development projects.

Get organized, insightful feedback from clients and teammates directly on the web page and out of email.

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Use Cycles to gather and organize any project feedback:

- Design feedback - Get subjective feedback from stakeholders about project web pages, directly as they appear in the browser.
- Bug reports & typos - Stakeholders can easily point out design defects and typos, all organized and tracked by Cycles.
- Change requests - Clients can quickly identify copy, layout, or image changes
- Site audits - Install Cycles on an existing site or starter theme to keep a tally of items to change, research, review, or keep in the next design.

Features include:
1) Visual Feedback: Misunderstanding client comments can turn into hours of wasted effort, so with Cycles, your clients comment directly on web pages, so you can see exactly what they’re referencing and understand what they mean.

2) Page Approvals - Sign-offs in the browser. Wireframes and mockups have their place, but many clients respond differently when reviewing a website that feels closer to the “finished product.” By sharing a web page, you can avoid scope creep or comments like “we signed off on the mockup, but it looks different in the browser..."

3) Notifications & Status Reports - Keep projects moving forward and know exactly when comments are made and approvals granted - and keep status of of the entire project or individual pages to track progress and follow up if necessary.

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