ZaiLab is a next-generation software company specialising in omnichannel contact centre software based in the cloud. There’s no capital expenditure, no hidden costs, no contracts.

Everything we do is based around our core value of rewarding conversations, which is the very foundation of the traditional contact centre. We’ve taken the conversation to the cloud and created a service that will change the way you manage your contact centre, the way you handle your conversations, the way routing works, and the way you pay for software.

ZaiConversations is a cloud-based solution for everyone – from larger contact centres wanting to streamline processes and optimise routing to small and medium-sized businesses looking for a cost-effective way to increase efficiency and prioritise conversations.

We understand that human connection matters. ZaiConversations connects your customers with the best agents to ensure those rewarding conversations take place. We also enable you to take your conversations to the next level with a single waiting room and routing based on customers’ past experiences personalised by machine learning.

With ZaiLab, you don’t have to run your contact centre like everyone else does. Our software is quick and easy to set up. There are no monthly licensing fees, no upfront costs and you get instant access to support. Our team
of visionaries are constantly exploring new solutions to existing contact
centre problems.

It’s time to start having a conversation that matters.

Key Features

  • - Universal Waiting room that prioritizes interactions above another.
  • - Pay as you go: no monthly licensing fees. You pay when you use the software for activities that hold business value
  • - Routing: Interactions are paired with the best available agent .
  • - Easy set up: Software is designed to be self administered. Anyone can set up a CC in a couple of minutes time. In 6 minutes you can make your first interactions.



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