Talview is a leading HR technology solution provider which leverages NLP, Machine Learning, Video Interviews and Psycholinguistics to build 3X better teams 4X faster. Globally, Talview has processed more than a million candidates till date. Talview as an innovative, nimble organization is in pursuit of disrupting the USD 500 billion global recruitment industry and to bring in efficiencies through the use of latest technologies.

Talview has identified a strong market need for a cognitive solution, which can improve the efficiency of hiring multi-fold.Talview's clientele include many of the Fortune 500 and it has served clients across 102 countries.

Video Interviews:
Talview Automated Video Interview Platform facilitates organizations to screen candidates through video interviews using predefined questions across platforms. It takes less than five minutes to create asynchronous or automated interviews and invite candidates with Talview. Screening or monitoring interview process is highly efficient; recruiters just need to evaluate the automated interview once complete. Talview’s real time proctoring monitors every move of the candidate while taking the interview. Recruiters will be notified if a candidate tries to break the protocols during the interview. Proctoring helps to authenticate candidates based on several factors.

Live Interview

Talview Live Interview Platform seamlessly engages a face-to-face conversation between the panel and candidate irrespective of their location. Talview Live Interview tool seamlessly engages a face-to-face conversation. Built with advanced customizable evaluation form to rate candidates based on their performance and allow them to update status once the video interview is complete. With Talview, recruiters can record live interview sessions. Recorded video interviews can be shared and even maintain it for Stereolithography (SLA) or audit purpose. It comprises of all the activities including video & time logs, chat history and more.

Talview Talent Insights

It is the world’s first hiring solution that harnesses the power of advanced data science and machine learning algorithms, video-audio analysis, social media analytics, psycholinguistics, speech recognition along with the experience of enabling three million video responses to help companies build better teams and gain competitive advantage.

World’s First Idiosyncratic Talent Insights

Talview Talent Insights as a tool understands the line manager’s needs by looking for profiles over multifarious channels. It breaks down the job description and candidate's skills/professional experience in question. Once the initial shortlists are chosen, Talview Candidate Insights leverages industry-best video interview capability and digital foot-printing tool to provide an insight into his/her personality attributes. There are based on industry validated Big Five Model, Intrinsic Needs & Values, body language, and communication.

Talview Talent Insights zeros in on the attributes the employers are looking for and match those against every applicant there is; returns with candidates who are best fit for the role in a multi-quadrant format. Thus, providing organizations with a candidate pipeline that has the right characteristics and matches the critical positions helping them build competitive advantage.

Key Features

  • Asynchronous Interview
  • Aptitude and Technical Test
  • Simulations
  • Code Test
  • Behavioral Insights
  • Grammar and Typing Test
  • Live Interview
  • Multi Section Work Flow
  • Automated Remote Video Proctoring
  • Interview Scheduling and Calendar Mgmt
  • Third Party Service Integration- Speech Test
  • Reports




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