talkRecruit is an innovative video interview platform that lets recruiters schedule, watch, create, record, share, collaborate, and evaluate the interview and thus find the best talents in the industry. talkRecruit allows you to take live, recorded and one way interviews at the easiest. Recruiters can collaborate the interview video with the whole panel and thus it eliminates the need of every single member to be present at the time of interview. As they can create a list of questions and get the interview recorded to watch whenever they have time.
There are several innovative and distinct features offered by talkRecruit that makes it different from the rest. Let’s have an overview of features talkRecruit offers:
• One-Way Video Interview
• Live Video Interview
• Open Interview
• Emphasis on team collaboration
• Interview Scheduling
• Video Messaging
• Video Messaging
• AI Matching
• Interview Evaluation
• Path-breaking testing methods
• Qualitative analysis of the candidate
One of the best advantages of talkRecruit video interview platform is that, employers can evaluate the answers of the candidates on a case-by-case base. Because same questions are asked by all the candidates therefore it becomes quite simple to compare the candidature of multiple candidates with one another. In addition to bringing ease to the evaluation process, it also eliminates the difficulty of scheduling interviews. All this not only saves time but helps in saving big bucks as well.

A free demo has also been made available online at so that everyone can experience the level of quality and functionality offered by talkRecruit.

Key Features

  • one to one interview, recorded interviews, live interviews, video messaging, flexible interview scheduling, Interview Collaboration, interview evaluation



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