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Businesses are run by people. It is the quality of the people that work at any given workplace that determines the success/failure of that particular company. So, how do you ensure that you have the best people working with you at all times? By taking a page out of the book that is Interact, and ditching the traditional interviewing process.

Interact is a comprehensive recruitment platform for companies to find the right people in a secured, authentic and super fast manner. Now, simply get the one or two you wish to meet down to your office.

Interact has a vast library of questions that helps recruiters create assessments that are tailored to the candidates and helps them find the best fit for any given role.

This is what Interact adds to the shopping cart while recruiting:

Secure Assessments: Interact has a patent pending algorithm that tracks the motion of the candidates while they are taking the assessments and certifies them based on the honesty of their submission. You no longer have to worry whether the code that a candidate submitted was truly his. Interact has that covered for you.

Faster Screening: With Interact, you can send multiple invites at once, and see the candidates take up the assessments. You can even collaborate with your team members to assess the reports and shortlist the best candidates from the list.

Interactive Video Interviewing: Interact's video interviewing solution gives a whole new meaning to interviewing online. With the ability to ask questions based on a live compiler and choose from the existing bank of questions, Interact provides a comprehensive way for recruiters to test candidates.

Higher Quality: With no stone left unturned in a bid to ensure that the quality of the candidates that are accepted is the highest, your team will only get the best of the best. With Interact, Never miss another bright candidate or hire a false positive.

Interact is a part of Xobin

Key Features

  • AI Based Proctoring
  • Candidate Integrity Validation
  • Automated Assessments
  • Large Question Library
  • Advanced Reports
  • Live Codepair Interviews
  • 2 Click Interview Process
  • Performance Report for Interviews
  • ATS Integrations
  • Candidate Journey
  • Archived Conversations of Video Interviews



Starting from:
$1990/ year
Pricing model:
Free Trial:
Available (No Credit- Card Required)


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