Proview is world’s first fully automated cognitive remote proctoring solution built as a part of Talview’s initiative to create equal career opportunities and a level playing field breaking scheduling and location constraints for conducting online assessments by enabling fully secure and authenticated tests available anytime anywhere.
Proview is a product of Talview, a leading HR technology solutions provider across the globe. Talview clientele includes many of the Fortune 500 and it has served clients across 102 countries. Talview was founded in 2012 and has offices in the US, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and India.


1: Universities- Proview offers a superior proctored online exam experience for candidates and at the same time promote excellence and integrity for education programs.
2: Assessment Providers- Assessments are available anywhere anytime for candidates. Proview's cognitive proctoring technology protects the test and disables false positives.
3: E-Learning- Reduce your expenditure on test centers and inefficient manual proctoring. Integrate Proview to your existing test engine or use Proview secure test engine to deliver tests.
4: Training & Certification- Proview provides a safe environment through advanced automated proctoring, robust assessment engine and video analytics for certification exams.

1: Advanced Automated Remote Proctoring- Through advanced video & audio analytics, the system monitors the feeds for any suspicious activity. It ensures candidate focuses on test screen during the test and checks for suspicious objects in video and background voice activity to red flag the test.
2: Cheat Proof Online Live Tests- The Administrator can check students taking the test from their preferred location. A detailed log of browser activity and audio-visual responses of the candidate is also provided. A proctor can monitor up to 16/32 candidates at a time making it extremely scalable.
3: Easy Integration to Test Engine & Mobile Support- Proctor is a ‘plug & play’ tool that provide mobile support for candidate’s convenience & can be integrated with any test engine or website that needs to be proctored. This can be used to authenticate any online transaction or interviews.

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