HubStaff is a complete and simple time tracking application that provides users with features such as activity monitoring, screenshots, advanced reports, automotive payrolls, real-time tracking and GPS. It offers both offline and online tracking capabilities and is available for Windows, Apple, iOS and Linux.

Are you tired of projects exceeding your budget? Then HubStaff is the perfect solution for you to take control of your whole team with automated time tracking. With it you can be aware of when and what the team is working on. It operates as an easy application on your desktop to make time tracking simple for you. Once you track the time, you can invoice your clients, pay your employees and view detailed reporting accordingly.

It provides you with easy but efficient time tracking instruments. Its lightweight desktop timers record activity levels and their screenshots so that you can keep a track of your team even remotely. More than 8,000 teams across the globe run HubStaff remotely. It lets your remote teams hit deadlines and budgets by not wasting time in your organization and identifying ineffective staffs quickly.

HubStaff also help contractors track time to every individual project. Managers can log in to view how much time is being spent on the projects, who are presently working on them and also their activity levels.

With HubStaff, you can literally see everything the team does. Its app and URL tracking technology lets you view which apps are used by your team and which URLs the team visits whenever they work and also tracks time. It lets you spend time spent through each app and at all URLs as well. Its timesheets and reporting feature ensures precise reports, timesheets and team payment. You can create and see timesheets as your staffs track time to the projects. Real-time reports let you to slice information by individual, project and date. Also, you can make payments easily to your team depending on the date range you want. Paid and unpaid time can be viewed as well.

With GPS and location monitoring feature, you can monitor your team even on the road, while automatic payroll feature lets you set automated payment via PayPal, Transpay and Payoneer and gives you relief of the hassles of making payments. 

Key Features

  • Integration with PayPal and Payoneer for automated Payroll.
  • Track activity with bars, fullscreen and screenshots.
  • Manually automatically add time to automate timesheets
  • See the software programs your team uses in real time
  • GPS and Location Monitoring (in beta for iOS)
  • Easily set time limits for each team member.
  • Timesheets & Reports.
  • Advanced reporting.



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