Meritrick solves a problem faced by businesses across the globe: manual and inaccurate time tracking. Instead of relying on employees and contractors to self-report time spent on company-related tasks, Meritrick automates the entire process.
The Meritrick software works in the background to track and log everything done on the computer – monitoring which tasks are being accomplished and how long each task took to complete. There is no need to set timers or guess at how much time was spent on a particular project. Instead, it all happens automatically – even when you’re offline!
Beyond simply tracking whether software is open, Meritrick can track at the individual project level. More importantly, it can identify between active work and having the program on autopilot or idle, so there’s no way to cheat the system!
With the ability to categorize activities by clients and projects, the software can be customized to fit each business’ needs and workflows. Real-time reporting provides insight into which programs and categories are used most.
Easily visualize productivity trends for the company as a whole or drill down to specific employees.
Integrate with your current business applications such as Outlook, Google Calendar and Zapier for 360 view into time worked.
You have complete control over what gets tracked and when. Mask sensitive applications for increased privacy without losing visability into time worked.
Advanced user management means users only have access to the data and features they need.

Key Features

  • Automatic time tracking
  • Outlook, Google Calendars and Zapier integrations
  • Advanced User Management
  • Track projects and client hours



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