HiveDesk is an automatic time tracking software.
It is used by small and mid sized businesses to track time of remote employees. Digital marketing agencies, outsourcing companies and others who employ remote employees use HiveDesk to:
- Track time of remote employees
- Track time for unlimited number of projects
- Get reports in pdf format
- Capture screenshots for audit / review of activities
- Blur screenshots to protect privacy / data
- Assign projects to remote employees and track time spent on each project

It has a simple, intuitive user interface to easily manage your remote employees and projects.
Why you should use it:
- Build trust and transparency with clients and remote employees
- Use screenshots to provide feedback to employees
- Track hours correctly for invoicing to clients and payment to workers
- Use screenshots for resolving disputes about hours worked by remote employees

HiveDesk helps you:
- Save money - Pay remote employees exactly for the hours worked
- Recover lost revenue – never miss an hour when invoicing clients
- Improve employee productivity – Use automatic screenshots to analyse your employees activities and help them get better

Who uses HiveDesk:
Small and medium businesses in following industries
- Digital marketing agencies
- Outsourcing companies
- VA or Virtual Assistant outsourcing companies
- Software startups
- Custom software development companies
- Other that employ remote employees

Key Features

  • Track time of remote employees
  • Track time for unlimited number of projects
  • Productivity Reports
  • Get reports in pdf format
  • Automatically Capture screenshots
  • Blur Screenshots
  • Assign projects and tasks
  • Project Management
  • Keep Track of Billabale Hours
  • Easy Check in and Check out



Starting from:
$15 / month
Pricing model:
Free Trial:
14 Days (No Credit Card Needed)


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