Cloudtimecards enables small business owners to significantly reduce the amount of time required to process payroll in their organizations.

Using our mobile application for Android and iOS, employees can clock in and out. Location data (GPS data) is collected at the time when mobile users (employees) clock in or out. The data collected is used at the end of the pay period to generate digital timecards that can be printed out or saved in PDF format. That data is also used to generate a data file you can send to your payroll service to generate your employee paychecks. Timecard signatures are collected digitally using smartphones to eliminate the need of paper timecards. Once all signatures are collected timecards can be saved for record keeping.

Using our web application, small businesses can manage jobs and employees. Although the mobile application is free to download, it requires access to be granted from the web application. This way, the employer has control of who can submit timesheet entries to be considered for payment at the end of pay period. One of the features that sets Cloudtimecards apart from other products is the ability to track piece rate or "piecework." This can be very beneficial for certain industries like the construction and agricultural industries because we've found out that some employees preferred to be paid this way, on the piece rate basis.

We offer a free plan which includes absolutely all the features. The only limitation is that you can add only one employee.

Key Features

  • Digital signatures for timecards
  • Time Tracking
  • Flat File for Payroll Companies



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