Boomr is a modern time tracking solution that keeps employees connected to each other in real-time. Designed for business, our intelligent mobile apps and visual management dashboard offer a unique, cloud-based solution to keep your workforce running at optimal efficiency.

At Boomr, we believe that every shift has a story. After an employee checks in for work, Boomr will record time that is spent on projects, allow for collaborative messaging between employees and track breaks and overtime hours with reliability and precision. Shift data is available across the entire organization and can be synced to a variety of industry-leading payroll and billing software products.

About Us

Boomr was started in 2013 to revolutionize the way people track the time they spend at work. At Boomr we believe that every work shift has its own story and we give businesses and their employees the tools they need to document what happens at work in real-time. With thousands of organizations using Boomr to manage their workforce at optimal efficiency, we continue to grow our customer base and expand our technology to keep people connected while they are working.

To date, we've helped 20,000+ businesses track millions and millions of hours.

Boomr is loved in many industries including: Landscaping and Lawn Care; Construction, Contracting and Plumbing; Healthcare, Wellness and Beauty; Cleaning Services; Restaurants and Retail; Staffing and Event Planning; Trucking, Towing and Transportation; Education and Non-Profits; Technology and IT Services; Property Management and many more.

Companies with 2 to 2000 employees use Boomr, but our sweet spot is in mid-market service businesses that have hundreds or thousands of users.

Key Features

  • Mobile Time Clock
  • Real-time Analytics and Reporting
  • GPS and Geofence Technology
  • Workforce Automation
  • Advanced Communication Tools for Employees
  • Project and Task Management



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