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Our cloud telephony solutions have been designed to help companies at any stage, with their customer communication requirement.
Solutions we are offering are:
Outbound calling:
Reach out to masses with automated text and voice message.
1.It can be customized to suit a segment of your choice.
2.It improves your business productivity.
3.Reach out to a larger target audience in less time.
4.Great way to get feedback and suggestions via surveys.
5.Make the most of our outbound phone campaign solution.

Virtual Number:
1.Get Numbers for both local and International markets making your business location agnostic.
2.Based on agent availability,location,time and other metrics the auto-routes for maximum throughput.
3.Retrieve your caller’s information and previous interactions with agents to boost productivity.
4.we’ve enabled our customers to not invest in technology but ride on our as required.

Click-to-call:Enjoy quick , uninterrupted conversations with prospects.
Convert every visitor
An instant calling widget, strategically placed on your website to help you get in touch with leads while they're looking you up. With Click-To-Call Solution
you can connect with leads, right away, to increase your conversion time. As soon
a visitor submits his number we bridge a call between your agent and
the visitor (Number registered in NDND are not dialed). These calls are free
of cost to your potential customers.

Call Center Solution:
Call Monitoring
Ensure effective quality assurance by dropping in on live calls to speak directly
to the customer on the same call.
Call Barging
Train your contact center agents or employees by speaking to them within
the call without letting the customer know.
Call Whispering
Give your customer real time update on how far they are from reaching to an agent on
the other side.

Key Features

  • Custom reportings,call recordings,ASR



Starting from:
$ 20/mo upto 2 user accounts
Pricing model:

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