CallSquad provides call campaign software for onsite and remote teams. We focus on bringing efficiency and fun to outbound calling which drives business growth and improves employee retention. Our clients use CallSquad for purposes such as sales development, lead qualification, opt-in marketing consent, recruitment and event invitations.

Planning Outbound Call Activity
Centralizing control of call campaign planning enables you to maximise the opportunity available to you and your team. Running call campaigns simultaneously including some campaigns that everyone calls on creates tremendous efficiencies. As well as calling static lists of contacts, you can also create dynamic campaigns that populate as certain conditions are met within your CRM and marketing systems.

Engaging Your Team To Do The Calling
Leaderboards that show top performers each day and activity feeds that display individual success appeal to your team’s competitive instincts. By focusing your team’s efforts on their own performance relative to their peers in real time sprints of activity, you get high levels of engagement. The dialer selects who’s best to call next which increases reps productivity and enables them to get through more calling in less time.

Reporting On Call Performance
CallSquad’s integration partner is Zapier which enables you to sync with almost all applications such as salesforce without writing a line of code. See your campaigns progress with colour coded bar charts which helps you understand call data availability in real time. One-click filter tools enable you to quickly drill down and compare campaign and rep performance over different time periods.

Key Features

  • Smart Dial - Intelligent next call selector factors in such things as time of day and when a call to that person was last attempted
  • Team Leaderboard - See who is having a great day on real time leaderboards!
  • Team Activity Notifications - Live stream of activity, success and milestones alongside the dialler keep your team engaged
  • Call Disposition & Logging - Log call outcomes, notes and additional data back to your systems with one click
  • Call Recordings - Automatically save call recordings to your CRM so your team can refer back to them in full at a later date
  • Schedule Call Backs - Select a date and time when someone needs a call back
  • Integrated Dialer - CallSquad's intelligent dialer can be easily integrated with Salesforce or other systems you use removing manual tasks
  • Forms - Add data capture forms to campaigns for your reps to complete on calls that get synced straight back to your CRM
  • Call Attempt Programming - Program campaigns with maximum call attempts, minimum time between calls and time of day to make calls
  • DNC screening - Choose to use CallSquad's 'Do Not Call' (DNC) screening where appropriate (Available on US and UK calls only)
  • Timezone Detection - CallSquad automatically figures out what time zone your prospects are in so your reps don't have to
  • A/B Testing - Compare campaigns and/or reps in real time to see which approaches are working best for you



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