Workstack is a beautifully designed drag-and-drop interface that makes managing your projects a breeze.

The Team Calendar
Manage and schedule all your tasks across all your teams no matter how many projects you are running at the same time the Workstack team calendar makes it easy to see who is doing what when and who is free to work on something new.
The vertical layout helps in effectively managing those tasks that span more than one day, alternatively you can manage tasks as small as five minutes long.
The drag-and-drop interface means you can easily assign tasks to new people as well as splitting them between more than one person as well as quickly re-assigning them from one person to another.

Project Task List
The quickest way to get going with a new project.
Setup Todo Lists and add Todos and then you can assign multiple chunks of a Todo - or the whole thing - to different people on your team.
If you have projects that follow a similar structure then once you have a project setup then you can easily copy it to make another identical one that you can rename.

Time Tracking
As your team works through the tasks on a project they can log their time worked on each task by adding a manual entry to the time log for that Todo or alternatively just hit start on the time recording widget and record time in realtime.

The reports section allows you to view time worked reports between a start and end date. Filter your results by individuals in your team or projects or both.

Key Features

  • Project Planning
  • Task Scheduling
  • Team Calendar
  • Time Reporting
  • Time Tracking
  • Team Collaboration



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