Kentico Draft


Kentico Draft is a cloud-based service that provides you with a single space for web content production, where everyone on your team can deliver content that is neatly structured and aligned with your content strategy.
Kentico Draft gives you an overview of the content production workflow and clarifies content delivery schedules for all relevant parties.
By preventing project delays, Draft helps agencies optimize project timelines so you can employ more projects at the same time.
Once the content is written and approved, it is ready in Kentico Draft to be imported into your CMS.

Kentico Draft provides you with a single space where you can author all the content and assets required for a new website. Find out how you can customize your content production environment.

With a custom workflow and intuitive authoring experience, everyone on the team can collaborate on the content from day one of the project. See how you can include people in your project.

With Kentico Draft, you and your team can now produce engaging content in a single location, where you can write, oversee, and approve content to get it ready for publishing quicker. Once the content is written and approved, it is then ready in our platform to be imported into your CMS.
Store content logically into places where everyone expects them to be — even when they need to appear in multiple locations.

Once all the web content is approved and the website is developed, you are ready to pull that content into the CMS via integration. We provide a custom module for Kentico so that you can import all the content created automatically .

Our REST API enables you to build custom import modules or automatic migration scripts for other content management systems of your choice.

Key Features

  • content collaboration
  • taxonomy
  • REST API for import modules
  • import module for Kentico CMS
  • modular content



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