Janus is a software application developed specifically to streamline solar company’s operations on a macro and micro level. For years, solar companies have been forced to utilize inefficient methods to manage the logistics of their company. From paper notes and excel sheets, to multiple cobbled together systems not designed for solar, these companies suffer losses due to this inefficiency.

With Janus, all of your solutions fall under one easy to manage and use software.

Contractor Management
Janus features a robust contractor management and tracking system. Utilizing GPS, your administrative dashboard can display locations of the day’s work sites as well as who you have assigned to the job that day. A push notification system informs your contractors of their work for the day. Your contractors are then required to check in at the location using the application on their phone. This acts as a digital foreman and timeclock to ensure that your workers are on location on time. The check-in feature is GPS based so they will be unable to check in unless they are actually on site. If a contractor leaves the site, Janus will automatically log their departure.

Task Assignment
From the administrative dashboard, you are able to dictate tasks to the contractors on a per project basis. This ensures quality of work as well as streamlines workflow, necessitating that a task be marked as complete before proceeding to the next. All of this data is saved in the data management portion of the system to ensure quality control. Task assignment is completely customizable with the ability to save templates so that if there is a standard installation protocol you need only input that once and save the template.

Digital Receipts
Janus features a digital upload feature for receipts and invoices. From the field, a contractor can upload a photo of a receipt into the system which is then saved to that project. This ensures that receipts will no longer be lost and billing and reimbursements will be timely. This also saves man hours by making the receipts digital and easy to access.

Data Management
Any solar project includes a massive amount of data. This data pertains to the home owners, the contractors, permits and system. Janus includes an easy to use data management system that documents and tracks all information. That can be utilized for financing and other data related needs on a per project basis.

Proof of Work
Having a before and after photo of proof work is imperative for companies. Not only do these give a layer of protection and documentation for the company, but also provide assets for social media and marketing as proof of your amazing solar work.

Messaging threads on a per project basis are easy with Janus. Communication between the administrator and the contractor is seamless and instant allowing for the on the fly changes and up to date information. All messaging threads are archived and saved in case they are needed at a later date.

Key Features

  • task management
  • tracking
  • data management
  • GPS
  • Solar
  • Logistics
  • Messaging



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