Simple. Powerful. Cloud Based – That’s Defex

Developed and launched in 2016, Defex is designed to be a simple yet powerful, cloud based defect management and task management software solution ideal for use in building and construction. Defex is also ideal for property management and maintenace.

Defex is designed as a SaaS web based platform for ease of use and to provide functionality across multiple platforms. Defex’s interface is designed for ease of use for the end user, while simulantaneously collaborating with other team members.

Once a defect that needs to be fixed has been pin-pointed and logged in the system, all the user has to do is provide a description of what the defect and where specifically in that location, provide photos if necessary, allocate it to a team member (including themselves) and from there any team member can update it as it progresses and adjust it’s status in the system from either added, outstanding, completed, approved or archived.

Using our mapping systems integrated with the floor plan of your project or property, Defex allows you to annotate and allocate these tasks to the right team members as well as manage these tasks from start to end

Defex pricing starts from $50 per month and our plan allows for a minimum of 5 projects with unlimited users. Price increases based on project volume from there. Our package includes a 30 day free trial

To find out more details about Defex, see how it operates and experience Defex for yourself, head over to defex website.

Key Features

  • Task Management
  • Project Management
  • Defect Management
  • Team management



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